About Rich People Giving Away Money To The Poor


About Rich People Giving Away Money to the Poor

Rich people giving away money to the poor is not something new today. The problem is, with overgrowth of poverty, insufficient funds are commonly experienced. Nonetheless, philanthropy is very common for the rich and famous especially businessmen and celebrities. Thus, if you need some financial help, the first thing you should know is which foundations and charities they give their donations. To be honest, directly asking wealthy individuals for money would not work. You have to undergo the application process to get financial help. Thus, determining what these programs and how to apply for one is you best option.

College Funds

Scholarships and grants are the most common financial aid wealthy people give the poor. By visiting any public libraries in your area, you would be able to obtain information about sponsorship, scholarships and grants. However, this is not as simple as it looks. To earn these types of funds, you have to achieve excellent academic remarks and maintain it.

The Giving Pledge is one of the most common foundations where you can find rich people giving away money to the poor. Not only do they support your academics, they can also help you in regards to rental and utility bills assistance.

Rental and utility bills assistance

Another financial aid organizations funded by wealthy people give is the rental and utility bills assistance programs. The most common organizations are Giving Pledge, Red Cross and Salvation Army. You can inquire or contact their offices for queries. You should prepare yourself because interviews are conducted. Furthermore, other requirements such as eviction or disconnections notices should be presented. You don’t need to worry about certain qualifications, as long as you provide them with proof that you are really in need, they would try to help out.

Research and medical assistance

Another foundations or organizations sponsored by wealthy people are clinics and medical centers. They can provide you with free check-ups. As for medications, they can give you vitamins, cough and cold remedies, anti-hypertensive drugs and some broad spectrum antibiotics. However, these drugs are limited. Some drugs can only be purchased in drug stores.

You can also research some programs concerning studies of specific diseases. Most wealthy individuals donate millions of dollars for cancer studies or even genetic diseases. You can participate in their free clinical trials.

Victims of calamities and abuse

Organizations that focus on victims of calamities are widely spread today. They often go to your localities. You can seek commodities and some financial help in these organizations. Churches also give commodities to the poor. As for victims of abuse, there are also numerous foundations that help abused individuals. Most of them focus on women and child abuses where in shelter, food and counseling is provided.


You can ask social workers for information about these foundations. However, you can’t expect much from these organizations. With poverty at its peak, there are thousands of individuals who need help. The problem is limited funds are given. However, wealthy individuals like Warren Buffet encourages other billionaires to help fund these organizations. And as of today, celebrities and famous rich people giving away money to the poor is a widely known practice.