How to Ask Rich People for Money


If you have fallen on hard times and you’re looking for a way out, like many Americans have, due to illness, divorce, or losing your job; you might consider how to contact millionaires for help. Don’t start considering bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can be a stressful and embarrassing endeavor, not to mention that it comes with an upfront cash cost to an attorney to manage the process for you.

There are organizations and people who help people in need, but you are going to need to have realistic expectations. There are many generous millionaires who give away money to individual, but it is important to understand the process for reaching out.

There are Millionaires Willing to Help, but Let Others Know About Your Situation, First

When you get to the end of this article, leave a quick note about your situation and your needs. Please do not disclose any personally-identifiable information. Our moderators or others who read this article may be able to help by pointing you to resources that can help immediately. If your situation is acute – and you need immediate housing for your family, you can also consider organizations that provide hotel vouchers for families in need.

How to Ask Rich People For Money with Confidence and Preserve Your Integrity

There’s no shame in asking a philanthropist for money. The rich give to causes they believe in. One of the first steps in minimizing your own anxiety is understanding the statistics regarding bankruptcy and people getting behind on their bills is really alarming. Medical expenses account for more than 60% (Harvard University Study) of bankruptcies. For the year ending September 30, 2015, there were more than 500,000 chapter 7 bankruptcies,  (US Courts).

Is there a Billionaire email list?

I’m sorry, but this is a myth that’s just too good to be true. Our crack research team has investigated the possibility and reached out to other journalists who have sought out the same questions, but you will end up wasting valuable time and seeking deeper into a hole if you spend your time looking for a prized email list. First, billionaires don’t give out this information. Secondly, they are inundated with people asking them for… something and they have to protect themselves. They typically reach out to do their charitable work through organizations, but there are ways to get their attention.

It is not Illegal to Ask Rich People for Money

There are no laws that prevent you from asking anyone for help. Although many believe that the wealthiest in our society are protected by a set of rules and regulations that are not required by the rest of us; this is simply not true. Many of the wealthiest millionaires are also philanthropists, who regularly give to worthy causes and who commit significant portions of their fortunes to better society and help those who have fallen through the cracks.

Beware of Scams that Claim to Help You Ask Millionaires for Money

The purpose of this article is to reduce any feelings of shame that one might feel about asking rich people for money, but in no way do we claim that this is easy or automatic. Contrary to what others might claim, we want you to understand that it is unlikely that a single individual will publicly send you money, and therefore, we encourage you to be informed and to prioritize any efforts that you have about asking any individual for help.

Rich people who give money away
It’s ok to ask for help

Get a Healthy Perspective about Income Inequality in America and the Role of Charitable Philanthropists

There is a great deal of misinformation about income inequality and how wealth has been divided in the U.S. (Video about Income Inequality). The bottom 20% to 40% of Americans have an insignificant amount of the country’s wealth and the 1% of the most wealthy people have the greatest portion of the wealth in America. Among the poorest people are not people on welfare. They are teachers, construction workers, and gainfully employed people who are struggling to preserve their quality of life.

There are Many Millionaires who Help People in Need

Understanding that financial hardships affect the wealthy and the not-so-wealthy can help you get a healthy perspective concerning the reality of personal debt and the number of people in similar situations as you. Secondly, there is a great disparity between the haves and have not’s. The wealthiest people in America have earned their fortunes on the generosity of their forefathers, the hard work of other, or their own brilliance. What’s counter-intuitive to most, if you are in the bottom 40% of Americans, is that the wealthiest are often the most generous as well. The many millionaires who help people in need understand the benefit of giving someone an opportunity and they are often benefactors of humanitarian organizations and individual support. It’s part of the American process to ask Rich People for Money. However, you need to be thoughtful about your request and understand that many of the wealthiest Americans are being approached by other people and organizations. Therefore, you need to be thoughtful and specific about who you are approaching, your situation, and what you are asking for.

Consider these Points when you participate in any process to Ask a Wealthy Benefactor for Money

First, make sure that you craft a thoughtful and original letter outlining your individual hardship, how you got there and the impact that your hardship has made on your family. No matter how difficult and complicated your situation is, please try to limit your letter to no more than 2 pages.

1Start with a Prioritized List of Potential Donors

Start compiling a list of potential donors and then organize them in the top 5 based on their donation preferences and history of contributions that fit your unique situation. If you have access to the internet or a public library, consider creating a google sheet with the following columns: (1) Name of potential donor, (2), Name of Foundation (3) Physical Mailing Address (4) Website for Foundation (5) Top categories for helping others (6) Personal contributions (have they provided personal contributions to any individuals) (7) Score them on a scale of Low, Medium or High, or 1,2,3. This will help you sort through all of your potential donors and prioritize the ones that are right for you before you ask rich people for money. Remember that there are many millionaires who help people in need and consider that you may have to reach out to these potential donors on a monthly basis for 3 months.

2Draft your hardship letter to Ask Rich People for Money

Include a brief description of yourself and your family and your situation. Include what your life was like before the hardship occurred and how that has made an impact on your family. Include a picture of your family. By including a picture, you become a real person with real problems, instead of anyone who might be asking for money.

3Include Your Specific Request and How You Will Use It

Your request might not be for money. You could request that a benefactor pays for your back property taxes to avoid foreclosure or you might include a copy of your medical expenses. Think about your situation in more context than just a monetary value. If you suffer from a medical condition, a millionaire who helps people in need might provide you the resources to address your medical situation, such as access to physicians at the cancer center which they contribute to. They may own a property in your area in which you could live in for free or low cost. Think carefully about what you need.

4Paint a picture of the Difference Their Contribution Could make

So, you’ve provided a compelling and specific story of how you got here and asked for a specific way or ways that a potential donor could change your situation. Now describe what your situation looks like if you can make it out to the other side. This is key to a successful process of learning how to ask rich people for money.

5Don’t forget Charitable Organizations

There are far more people asking for money than there are millionaires who help people in need. In most metropolitan cities, there are many organizations that act as middle-men in the process of evaluating people who have needs and resources that can help. The United Way is a great place to start.

Next Up, the Top Millionaires Who Help People in Need

This original content was created on 11/25/2015 by James K. Ybarra and was updated in January, 2018. James is a Personal Finance Contributor. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, additional training in family financial strategies, and has been an adviser and mentor on business accounting and personal savings topics for more than 20 years.

What’s Your Story?

If you have advice for others or questions, add your information in the comments below.


John is a Personal Finance Contributor. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, additional training in family financial strategies, and has been an adviser and mentor on business accounting and personal savings topics for more than 20 years.

  • Sandy Smith

    I was recently laid off of work ,i am a single mother of 3 our day to day survival is all ive been concerned with but ive exhausted all the resources available and we are about to be homeless

  • I have experienced a series of things that have left me in a very rough spot including legal problems when I blew the whistle on sexually misbehaving priests, a very ugly divorce and custody process, problems with psychology licensure board because I could not afford a lawyer, a string of medical problems including depression and possible Parkinson’s disease, estrangement from family of origin, etc that have left me unable to work right now. I am fighting my way back but I am at bottom and would be able to put to good use any money someone felt inclined to give me. It would make a difference in what I am able to do for many groups of people and in my personal life.

  • Jeffrey Williams

    Dear Readers,

    My name is Jeffrey Williams a father of four beautiful
    daughter s and grandfather of two beautiful baby girls. I’ve been happily
    married to wonderful women for 22 years. Yes, you read it right 7 females and I’ve
    learned about numbers.

    I’ve spent most my
    life and time giving and or helping people in need. I’m a proud veteran of the
    armed services and currently work for
    The city And County of San Francisco helping to run outreach centers in an at risk community.

    About three year
    ago, my wife and I were very much looking forward to exploring how we might
    want to spend our golden years. We even had a thought; and I meant just a thought,
    of hearing little feet running throughout our home.

    Lord behold, our middle daughter announces she’s expecting;
    which was an enormous shock to not only the wife and I but my daughters as
    well. We were more concerned than shock
    because we all knew she wasn’t ready to take on such a large responsibility. Along comes Harmonie was born to the world
    March 1, 2013. She kicked strong like she was ready to take on all comers and I
    had her back 100%. After my daughter was released from the hospital she lived
    with my wife and I. She seemed to bond well
    with Harmonie but we did notice little things. Things like the cleanliness of
    her the baby but I figured my wife would help her correct that. I guy she was involved with seemed committed
    so my wife and I were compelled to help even more. I figured, being successful
    in raising my own children, I could maybe lead by example. My wife I offered to
    have the two of them move into our home..

    After about a month of living with us, things started to not
    look right. My daughter took exception to my wife and I questioning her and she
    elected to up and leave my home. Soon rumors
    reached my ear about the possibility of this same daughter being pregnant a
    second time. Each time I ask her she denied. This went on for about 6 months, my daughter was
    able to either stay away or hide the obvious but once it became apparent we
    were expecting a second arrival.

    On January 25, 2014, I received a call from my youngest
    daughter and she informed me of her sister going into labor and she was headed
    to the hospital along with her older sibling. My wife and I arrived at the
    hospital sadly missing the birth of Lyric. We were shortly thereafter able to
    gaze into her big beautiful brown eyes.

    The next day I instructed
    one of my daughters to take my car; which is the purpose of this request, and
    make her available to transport daughter and new second granddaughter.

    Waited all of the first day which came and past with no word
    from my daughter; so did the second. On the third day, a longtime friend of the
    family called my wife and mentioned seeing my daughter and her mate in passing.
    She also said, she ask as to the whereabouts of the children which my daughter
    responded that the hospital kept her for a coupled extra days. This friend said,
    she was concerned because she had known my daughter since she was a kid and
    knows when things aren’t totally truthful.

    Concerned, the family
    jumped into my vehicle and headed to the hospital this being the last known
    place of either Lyric or my daughter. After constant questioning of the
    hospital staff, a nurse who was nice enough to sit my family down and tell us
    the situation. She said my grandchild’s blood work tested positive of drugs and
    CPS was involved and that both children Harmonie and Lyric were now with Child
    Protective Services. My wife collapsed and I was speechless, only thinking I needed
    to fix this.

    I immediately called
    a meeting of my family to plan how to best have our babies returned to us
    After constant meetings with social workers and I’m grateful for all of the support
    they gave my family, they awarded custody of the babies to us. We decided to have the children split the
    babies between my home and my daughter. Our reasoning, I suffer from various medical
    issues and my wife didn’t find it heathy for me to take on the brunt of the responsibilities
    for two babies. My wonderful courageous daughter who; would become the guardian,
    wasn’t experienced enough to take of two infant children; let alone one. So the decision was to have Harmonie stay with
    my wife and I and Lyric was to stay with my daughter. Our main focus was to
    assure the sisters always saw each other so my daughter and I would work
    together. We would to have the two of them in the same childcare and we would trade
    weekends watching them under one roof. The long term goal was when the girls became
    older we would eventually move them both in with my daughter to rise.

    Now my dilemma, CPS was wonderful at making sure the
    children had child care, so this expenditure isn’t coming out of pocket;
    something I can’t afford. But the
    vechicle I own had held up well for the first year but is now on its last leg.
    The bearing are shot, the transmit ion is going and cuts off while driving;
    scary to say the least. The current speedometer reads 160.000 plus.

    If things work out, I would love to donate to Cars for Kidd’s; in hopes
    whatever happens to the vehicle helps a needy family. I have a relative who willing to sell me a vehicle
    that is sea worthy enough to continue my mission of raising the girls right and

    I have a GO FUND ME ACCOUNT running, I’m
    trying to raise 3,500 to cover the cost of the vehicle and any maintenance it may
    need. The title of the account is titled
    “A need is different from a want” so at your leisure please visit and if
    possible contribute.

    Anything is appreciated and thanks for reading

  • Hector Raúl Gonzales Casusol


    name is Hector Raul Gonzales Casusol, I am from Lima Peru, i have 48 years old, I am married and have five children: My 18 year old daughter, my sons of 16, another 12 years old, another 10 years old and the last from 08 years old.
    I was born in a poor family and had some studies. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 24 years. I married nearly 20 years and could cover the costs of my family for my business as insurance broker during the latter 14 years ago, but two and a half years ago, my business has declined dramatically. I rented an apartment where I live with my family.

    I’ve done a little of everything to meet the expenses of home, as a car salesman, selling real estate and lately I started in the business of network marketing,
    which is proving very difficult for me to get into a computer. I think the
    latter is a good deal, but I take long to get enough money to support my

    I currently renting the month of November and the month of December, US $
    1,100.00 in total and the school of my children by US $ 580. My wife helps
    working in the home of an American family, but they are only 16 hours week and only paid $ 32 weekly,

    My daughter selling more help working in a mall and earn US $ 195 a month and my bishop has helped us with some items to eat for three weeks, through the bishop’s storehouse.

    The only thing I ask you if you think that can help us is by the amount mentioned, about US $ 2,000 to pay for housing (2 months) and school (4 months), otherwise
    I’m working hard to get new cllients and buy the food that the bishop’s
    storehouse may not cover such as fresh food; fruit, meat and vegetables.

    I am that Christmas is coming and you expect to take it easy, but my children are aware of our situation and not ask great things, only what their parents can
    give them.
    If you could help us with this amount, we would be eternally grateful for your
    generosity and we pray to our Heavenly Father to help others in the future. I PRAY FOR YOUR HELP US

    bless you !!


    Calle Las Dalias Mz. A 3rd floor Lt. 20 Urb San Francisco de Asis. – Ate
    Cell Phone: (051) 969 334 893

  • Debbie F.

    Hello, Im hoping this note might bring a ray of light, a glimmer of hope. Ive been dealing/struggling with anxiety/panic attacks, depression, PTSD and agoraphobia, for 25 yrs now. Ironic how an agoraphobic could end up being homeless, but its happened AND I cant stress how terrified and lost Ive become. Not much of a ‘survivor’, over 10 yrs of sexual abuse from father, brother threw away anything I had left in the house I grew up in, pics, momentos of any type. Purposely disinherited by my father, who promised Id always have a roof over my head, he got the final laugh! Everything Ive always thought was important to have, be or even share in life has disintegrated, almost in slow motion. Im a disabled widow, on Soc Sec, which has been minimal to survive, not enough to pay for some of my bills, which is how things started falling apart. I have no resources, and have lost much hope in things becoming some sort of normal again. Im regressing in my health, mentally and physically! I know there are so many in similar situations and I truly feel horrible and have always had a hand to help up, but have given/lost everything myself, the struggles are more intense and crippling than I couldve ever imagined. Ive called every number Ive received from agencies in the surrounding 4 counties, for shelter, or to find affordable housing with no avail. Ive placed ads on a couple of websites looking for a place, or just a room BUT that wasnt successful. Im hoping/praying that someone can help me into a place to call home. Im hopeful to find a place close to my granddaughter, we’ve always been close and not being able to share some of her school programs, or just time has been very disappointing for her. I need to have a safe place, so I can calm down and refocus on the work Ive accomplished in dealing with my trauma/illness’. My goal might sound minimal to some but I can attest to the mountains Ive had to climb, even to be able to go outside to the mailbox. I want/need to get the social service referral lists updated and distributed for others who are in need as well. Thank you for your time.

  • Dionne Harrington

    Hello, I am 48 years old and in need of some help. Well, I dont know where to start. I know that I have been helping my daughters and my son out lately that took away from my car money. I only had a thousand to put down, but my daughter who is a single mom taking care of two children had her daycare vouchers taken away, because the county says she is over by one hundred dollars, and they took away her food stamp. Now, she has to pay out of pocket for daycare $700 to $800 a month for my two grandchildren, rent is $650, plus her bill, and food. She only make $10.50 hourly. She needed $400 for rent which I gave to her from the money that I was saving to put towards a used car for about $5000 so I can at least drive to her home to babysit my grandchildren so that can eliminate one of the bills. Now, she has been in her apartment for almost a year. Now, I sacrificed my one bedroom apartment for two years to house her and my grand babies. I was so proud of her and she was too for having her own apartment. I don’t want her to lose her place so I have about $300 to last me throughout the month, but if she needs money for food, rent, or help with bills I sacrifice what I have. I am always giving giving giving, and I know that one day I would be blessed and she will too, because she is such a hard working young woman, and I remember those days being a single parent, but in a abusive relationship. I had no one to help me, and I know the feeling when you ask for something and know one can help you, but you always help them. However, it is what it is, and I always told my children to never go through what I been through. They all have jobs and lives in very decent suburbs instead of the inner city, because they grew up there when they were young. Now, here is where I am asking for help towards a used vehicle so I can drive to my daughter apartment everyday to babysit my grandchildren which would most definitely help her out by saving her $800 that goes for daycare monthly. My heart hurts alot, because I cant help her like I would love too. I use to see my grandchildren who is three and five years old daily, but now I may see them once a week which is on the weekend. I live for my children and grandchildren. Now, my daughter lives about twenty-five to thirty minutes driving across town through the city, and 20 minutes on the freeway. If you can kindly help us out I would be appalled as well as happy that I can help my daughter out, and see my grandchildren more often. I know that this is not an urgent matter, but I thought that it doesn’t hurt to ask for whatever you can spare towards a used vehicle. This would be a big blessing for me. Well, Merry Christmas to you and your family and a prosperous New Year! My email is if you decide to help. Thank you for your time in reading my post. Goodnight!

  • Megan gill

    Hi my name is Megan i,ve recently lost my job and cannot afford Christmas this year I’m also in debt and don’t have a clue how to pay this. My little dog has also went blind and is goin to cost a fortune on vet bills, which I don’t have the money to pay. If you can help it will be much appreciated. Email

  • Robert

    Hi there my name is Robert I live in Australia and have a property I want to grow medical produce to make organic and natural medicines need a partner or someone to come in as a joint venture to invest in this venture you can send me a message to

  • Jeremy Owens

    My name is Jeremy, I was shot six times last year, and one of those was in my right foot, I desperately need a surgery done on my foot to be able to return back to work welding. The other bullets went into my chest and a couple in my side that went into my liver, I can’t lift real heavy things anymore, but I can still weld. I’m 35 years old, and I am not ready to give up, i ‘m love welding and I am good at it. I feel bad because I can’t work until I get my foot fixed, my wife works at a convenient store which bearly pays rent let alone food. And it really hurts my heart to see her working so hard and I can’t help. I have no income or insurance, if anyone out there is willing to help us, we would be very greatful. My goal is to get back to work and one day I hope to buy a used portable welder and start a on site welding business, and maybe add a industrial maintenance business as well later on. Please if anyone could help me it would mean so very much to me, I do not even have any way of getting my wife anything for christmas to show her I love and appreciate everything she is doing. My phone number is 785-405-0131 if anyone would like to contact me, please feel free to do so at the number above. Thanks

  • ace

    Hi my name is Aleksandar.I come from Macedonia.I have 4 supermarkets and everything was good until 6 years ago when all my markets start falling. I have big bank loans and i dont want money for nothing i have big house with 760m2 and yard with 600m2.I will give this property foe cheap only to clean my loans


  • AllMyQueensStandUp

    Hello,My Name Is Chasity I Am A 20 Year Old Stay At Home Mother Of Four, I Am Currently With My Boyfriend Of Five Years, We Have Struggled Many Times Where We Didn’t Eat And Only Our Children Ate We Make Sacrifces Each Day For Our Family So We Can Stay Strong, He Now Has A Job But Isnt Making Much For Us To Pay Every Bill Or Buy Necessaties. My Oldest From A Previous Relationship Lives With My Mother Because Of My Struggles. It Eats Me Up Every Day Thinking About Him Not Living With Me Because I Have No Job To Take Care Of Him. We Were Going To Give Our Fourth Up For Adoption, But I Decided To Not Give Up And Keep Pushing. I Do Not Have A Job But Really Am crying Out For One. I Need To Bring In Money Please Help I Always Wanted To Own My Own Bakery If That Helps Get Me A Start Some Where Please Help My Children By Helping Me.
    This Is (Left To Right)
    Me, My 2 Year Old Daughter GG, My Boyfriend G, & My 6 Month Old Baby Boy King
    Next Picture Is Of My 6 Year Old Aiden With My Mom
    Final Picture Is Of My 1 Year Old Daughter Harmony

  • laimy

    Need a dollar.. Anyone. Just one dollar. Paypal. .

  • lande

    Hello, I am a single mother that has worked very hard over the past 8 years to provide for myself and my son, unfortunately the past 4 years have been extremely hard with my father and gran passing away and also dealing with further personal circumstances (which I dont want to discuss on here) and hardship. I have no got back on my feet emotionally and require a little extra help as me and my son are currently sharing a bed at a friends home and have found it extremly difficult to get a propeprty. I am very much in a catch22 situation as when I think I am getting somewhere something else comes up. Overly grateful is an understatement if anyone could help out we just want a home.

  • Sara Ambrosini

    Hi. Great article. Thank you. I am a 32 year old mother who was living in a domestic violence transitional housing facility with my 2 toddlers. New director had vendetta against me for going above her head. She in the course of 8 months made 15 false allegations against me to police and child protective services, each time the investigation came back, no abuse or neglect to the children and the director to be untruthful. Last call, no investigation occurred cps,director and police called a locksmith broke into my home and stole my children warrantless entry search and seizure. Through court proceedings I never signed or consented to anything, but still wasn’t getting anywhere. All rights violated! No visits. State had no proof, no probable cause, no imminent danger. I have no criminal background. Turns out judge knows ACCUSER very well has for years. Director/ACCUSER knows political parties in our community. Used that to do wrong instead of good. Court is not over, I continue to fight, cannot afford an attorney. Lost everything home, job ( career path as marketing manager) vehicle, children, all our belongings because of this. Would love the opportunity for those who can financially help, to assist me in getting my children back and life back on track the way it was before being in contact with this woman who had motive and vendetta against me. My children and our family are suffering. Thank you for allowing me to share. Please visit Bring Ashton and Lexi Keegan home Facebook page. Or
    Thank you for this opportunity to share my story.

  • Keena Marie

    I know you are very busy, and probably have much
    better things to do but since everything else has failed I am reaching for card
    I can. My name is Keena, I am a 31 year old mother of 3 beautiful children and
    a full time student, and daycare provider. Our life was rolling right along, in
    2010 we bought our first home. A small, modest home, but it was brand new and
    it was ours. Until one day my husband was fired and everything started to fall
    apart. I was not working full time then, my job was more of an extra perk not a
    dyer necessity. After losing my husband’s income, we had to reach out to the
    government, his father, our credit cards, and a loan from our retirement
    account to get by. We made it through, but not without some bumps and scrapes.
    My husband is back to work, and I own my own day care, but we got behind on
    mortgage payments and we are about to lose this house we both worked so hard to
    get. We are not looking for a free ride, we both work full time, I am in school
    to get a teaching credential, and I volunteer very heavily for a parent
    advocacy organization of which I am a state board member. We could really use a
    miracle and a fresh start to start in this new chapter of our lives, debt free
    and in our own home. Let me fill you in on what my journey has been like! Here
    we go…

    I grew up very poor, with a single mother and
    3 younger siblings. I was a good student and a very responsible teenager. My
    father is a drug addict, and convict and has spent most of my life in and out
    of prison. I was molested by him when I was 12 and I never told anyone. I
    spiraled into depression, dropped out of school, and became exactly what I had
    tried not to become, a statistic! After a series of bad choices I realized I needed
    a better life one that I could live happy with. I was 20 and depressed, and
    lonely, and poor, and scared and tired. I knew things could get better but I
    didn’t know how to change my life. Until one day I met the man who would
    eventually become my husband. We spent hours talking about everything from our
    childhoods, to what we wanted in the future. I fell in love! We were made for
    each other. He asked me to marry him, and I said yes! Oh my god! I can’t
    believe that happened, I am someone’s wife! We were so happy! Just us in the
    world together. We had no worries, the world was wide open. I became pregnant
    shortly after we got married, and we had our first child; a daughter. When she
    was born it seemed like the whole world was perfect just for that moment. In
    that moment, the 3 of us were the only 3 people that mattered. I was clean,
    married, safe, warm, loved, respected and honored. I had all the feelings I had
    dreamed of all those years before. Finally I felt like there was nothing I
    couldn’t do, like there was no goal I couldn’t reach. Only I hadn’t tended the
    wounds that my childhood and previous horrific events had given me. But I
    stuffed it, and I said nothing. I thought if I just keep smiling, and doing
    what I’m supposed to do then everything will work itself out. I became the good
    little wife. I learned to cook, clean, sew, repair household appliances. I went
    back to school after my second child was born, and got an associates of science
    degree. That turned out to be both good and bad. I learned that I was still an
    academic monster, but the school I went to was not a good school. I racked up
    $20,000 in student loans to get a degree that I never ended up using. Bright
    side? I rediscovered my love for academia. After college I kind of sat around.
    I got pregnant again, and I didn’t want to leave the baby so I started doing
    day care. We bought our first home in 2010, and I got my daycare license a few
    years later, and I am still doing day care today. In between 2010 and 2015 my
    husband was laid off, we were struggling to get him back to work, and I was
    going stir crazy from being unfulfilled. So I decided to join the PTA. I
    quickly got the hang of it and was elected to the district board, of which I am
    currently the president. However 18 months ago our life took a crazy turn that
    brings me to my current situation. After he was temporarily fired, he was home
    all the time and I was busy with the day care, my own kids, the PTA and my crazy
    family back home, and I tried so hard to hold everything together. My husband
    spiraled into a deep depression, my job got crazy because it was no longer just
    a side job it was our income. With the unemployment benefits, my income,
    pulling from a retirement account, help from family members and some government
    assistance, we scraped through those 14 months of hell. Not without some bumps,
    bruises and a few broken bones. We maxed out all of our credit cards and took
    out car loans. A necessity at the time.

    So I won’t bore you with the when
    and what of those 14 months, but let’s just say it put a strain on our marriage
    and our bank account. Now here we are, about to lose the house we both worked
    tirelessly for because we got behind on the payments. We need $50,000 to make
    sure we don’t lose the house, and pay off all our other debts we amassed during
    our hardship. I have gone back to school to become a teacher, and I have
    decided that I also want to write a book about my life. I just need some HELP
    to get started. I want to spend the next 2 years going to school, and writing
    and shopping my book once it’s finished. That’s where you come in! It really
    would be nice to catch a break for once, and just do something I love, that I’m
    good at. I just need help to fix this screwy situation over here once and for
    all. Please can you find it in your heart and mind to help a young women from
    the wrong side of the tracks, (and her family) get a fresh start with no debt?
    I really hope that someone, ANYONE reads this story and feels compelled by
    forces outside themselves to help me carry out my dream. I will change lives if
    I just had the chance to share my story. Please help me get a FRESH START!

    Thank you! Humbly.

    Keena M. Harris

  • nagesh cs

    Hi this is nagesh from india, i started business 8 months back with 30 lacs INR and it got flopped. Now a days i dont have money even to eat and if i want to go any where i am going by walk some time. i really dont know how to survive in future. some time i am thinking why should i live. I am getting more than 50 calls from bank people every day for the repayment. I am completely in depression with the huge loss. Even though i have job i am not able to pay monthly EMIs to bankers with excess of EMIs.

    can any one please help me with some amount to come out of current situation.

    I need $ 20000 help to recover from my situation.

    Please help me out this is my humble request.

  • patricia slaughter

    Hello my Name is Patricia Slaughter I am from Maine and I have be caring for my boy sense he was born on my own, my son is now 8 he is special needs last year was a bad year for him and I first I get hurt and got very sick and then my doctor took me out of work witch leaves me behind on everything, then my son broke his arm in july so my summer and his was crap I am here because I have no other choice I can now only hope and pray that someone will have in their heart to help, my son is in marital arts and i cannot afford it any more please help keep my boy in marital arts its what he loves to do, he has come so far my son use to give up on all sports but last september he started Marital arts and has not once given up, please go to and donate and share my page please thank you all so much

  • joey

    Hi hello evry one . I’m 23 years old I whant a surgery done drastically reduce the size of my buttock, as it lowers my self confidence. cost about 5,000 $ can a million air help me out please my. It is easy to undergo surgery for the price of 5,000 and I’m back to work in 2 days and back to the gym in 1 week for $4-5,000 on special. Sincerely email :

  • briga

    I am BRE I can’t work I apply for disability and I’m still waiting for a court date if anyone can help me with a little bit of cash it would be greatly appreciated thank you

  • Irina Lehmann

    Dear all who can and want to help,
    I’m writing to ask for financial assistance.
    Here is my short story.
    Me and my husband Norman live in Germany. We worked on private yacht before (stewardess
    and engineer). At the end of 2011 boat management decided to change most
    of the crew. I found a new job on another yacht for another year, but
    my husband wasn’t so lucky, he got just temporary short jobs.
    At the end of 2012, when my contract was finished, I had some savings, so we decided to start a new business.
    We had a lot of unpaid bills, but we did believe, we can pay them later, after business runs.
    opened montage and service smoke and heat ventilation systems company.
    My husband does main work and I do secretary’s work. (Our website
    We bought working car, all equipment, rent small storage, Norman did some studies which were necessary for work, etc.
    First year (2013) business was going hard. We had to borrow some money to survive.
    In 2014 the business was running much better. We signed contract with large company (
    and from now on almost all of the offers we got from this company. But
    100% of incoming money we spent for 2012 and 2013 debts.
    In 2015 I
    gave a birth to a baby. We hired one worker, that my husband with his
    help can do work faster and get more offers. Money has been just enough
    to pay worker, 2014 debts, some 2015 bills, rent, insurance, etc.

    We couldn’t pay 2013-2014 taxes. In beginning of January they blocked
    our account. They contacted the company who we work for, so the company
    can’t pay us money while taxes not paid. We need to pay 23000 euro. We
    have not even 1000… on blocked account. The tax office is pushing us
    to be bankrupt. Our bookkeeper proposes them few ways (like we pay them
    monthly 1000 euro), they didn’t accept.
    We don’t know what to do in
    this situation. I’m sure that it’s not the right decision to close the
    company. It’s running good! We get more and more montage offers plus
    every year we get a bigger package of service. We need just one more
    year to pay the rest of debts and start to pay taxes, so next year we
    can see plus on our account. Also, it would be possible next year to buy
    second car and hire one more worker, so my husband would go for
    servicing and other 2 guys for the montage at the same time. That was
    our big plan 🙂
    I’m very asking for your help!
    If you have any
    questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can give all contact
    details of bank and tax office and prove everything.
    Our emails
    Our PayPal is

    Thank you,
    Best regards,
    Irina Lehmann

  • Teri Needler

    i just made a worthwhile investment that’s left me almost broke , depressed and almost discouraged. i’ve spent the last year of my life in a private rehab for pain meds control and am happy to say i’m doing well. in that regard. was also in for ptsd. my debilitating chronic pain is under control.

    during that year i came to regard the staff as friends. i do not have much of a family and what good friends i do have are not in this country. i did make several new friends and countless acquaintances while in the facility.

    i did not want to come home to my residence as i would be alone. i do not jump into romantic relationships nor to i have one of those needy type personalities when it comes to that stuff and i’d seriously like to do stuff before i croak.

    i still haven’t had much of a chance to write some comedy and preform it. it’s no good being naturally funny if you can’t organize what you said except spontaneously.

    i’d really like to work part time as well. but i don’t have much stamina. i’m only 51 and the above problem isn’t going to go away. i mean the osteoarthritis pain that led to taking narcotic drugs in the first place!

    i’m asking anyone who reads this post to consider donating me no less than 25 $ per week.

    in addition to having mentioned rehab, there are old old wounds i was helped to manage whilst in situ. but they rival in content much of what i’ve read in other posts. I don’t mind discussing it in a verbal conversation. am just sick of writing it. I’m not afraid it will set me back. just too damn much writing.

    besides, that is not my central point here. i am asking anyone who can to donate to me a sum no less than 25 dollars a week. i forgot to mention i do not have health insurance.

    i’d like to thank anyone who will have read this …even if you don’t toss a few bucks my way. but if you are serious please contact me privately to organize a bank draft in canadian currency.

  • Denise K

    When mom was diagnosed in March of 2015, I stopped working and focused on her…I was her caregiver for about 6 months and got behind on my bills. I am months behind on my mortgage, car payment and credit card bills. I’m in the process of copywriting my music to license it out to make money. I also have book projects, and a photography project in mind to do. I came up with several inventions while caring for mom. There is one invention that I have a sketch/photograph prototype for. I am always thinking of inventions and ways to improve a product.

    I use to have A1 credit. I purchased my home a few years ago, I have a 2014 Camry and I opened my own photography/decorating business in September of 2014. Now…I’m sure my credit score has dropped!

    I just started a temp to hire job because another agency I worked for just ended my assignment without even notifying me! I’ve had some struggles, but I refuse to give up.

    The main reason for this e-mail is to ask for assistance with a few bills so that I can focus on my projects. It would be nice, not to worry about how I’m going to pay my bills.

    Sending this letter to many people in hopes that I receive a blessing. This is REAL PERSON and NOT SPAM.

    Your time is very much appreciated.

  • William G

    I would love to design and produce products that make the world a better place. I am asking for someone who can spare money to take a chance on me so I can help others.

  • Chrisjessremmy Mulligan

    Hi my names Chris I have three kids two girls one boy I have had a hard life never met my father and mother was gone she was taken away from me at the age of 32 so I let be a reason I got into a lot of trouble from ruining from the world I didn’t want to be in I went to prison at a young age and after had my children I got married with my kids mother she got on drugs and wouldn’t stop so we lost the kids I wrecked three years ago and broke my neck I’m trying to get my kids back from cps and it’s hard very hard I need money for lawyers and honestly I don’t even know if I’ll get them back but I don’t wanna give up and not try I don’t want anything for free I’ll work if someone is willing to help me and put me to work I don’t know what I need but have a lot of bills and trying to get my kids has put me in the whole I can’t find a job just need someone to help me push forward please if there is someone out there who can help me and save my kids and bring them home if do anything for ur help please my email here is me and my kids before they got taken from me I love them please help me

  • Teri Needler

    i know many of you reading my posts think i’m stupid to air my life to the unknown populous out there. i know you’re thinking what you would or wouldn’t do and comparing it to what i’m doing and that’s great! it’s extremely judgmental on your part. and the assertions you may have regarding my bold endeavor just prove how scared you are of something. i don’t know what it might be, some kind of fear, cowardice, or any negative feeling that you absolutely have to turn around and say i’m doing it. when i say ‘you’ i mean anyone who may be choosing to put me down in any way in the context of reading this. that’s your problem and may you have the best of luck with that…

  • Karl

    I’m in need of some help I’m a 32yr old male and struggling to help pay of debts and my wife is expecting a baby and cant get help to find somewhere to live as no income coming in only jsa which is being used to pay debts which stands at £10.000 pounds please come anyone help out thank you in advance

  • Christina Marshall

    My 22 year old son was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Uninsured and bills are piling up. He was just approved for medical card, but have CT, PET scans, ultrasound, biopsies (2), port placement, Dr visits and 1 dose of chemo before approval. He is a good kid, but has ADD, when he was in school I worked 2 jobs to make ends meet and he was in LD classes. He was in with ADHD kids which seemed to take most of the teachers time, and with me working 2 jobs he was “left behind” and couldn’t even fill out employment application without assistance, after he graduated. He had just started a new job 3 months before he was diagnosed, but had to quit due to his illness. We would like to do a benefit for him, but don’t even have the start up money for the cost of doing one. I have been looking on the internet, but all the places I have found only give to charitable organizations, which we are not.

  • MIchelle

    Hello. My name is Michelle Fouts. I am in need of help. I had to recently quit my job of 20 years. I worked for Sonic drive in. I was robbed and held at gun point on Oct 21rst 2015. I was the General Manager at this store. The franchisee that I worked for gave me no support. I even had to go open and close the store the following day. It was very hard but I did it. Then on Jan. 12th 2016 my store was robbed again. I asked the company after the first one for cameras but they told me it was to much of a liability to put them in. I worked 7 days a week 12-15 hrs a day from June 2015 till the day I quit on February,20th 2016. I am unable to mentally work at this time but I am trying I have started putting in applications. I am hopeful. I mean all my life its been crazy hard. I grew up with an alcoholic mother that was a drug addict as well that did horrible things to me. I promised myself to grow up and not be like her. I had my first kid when I was 15 I had her November 8th 1995. I started Sonic on November 19th 1995. I love the operation and everything about it. I wanted 5 of my own stores one day. I was headed that way before all of this happened. I am not going to set and be a victim I will get back on track but I am in need of help now. If you could visit my fund me page and help I would be very greatful.

    Thank you,

    Michelle Fouts

  • Paula Marie


    I have completely gone broke trying to get treatment for my son. I have exhausted all resources of agencies, county facilities, family, church and friends. He has a dual diagnosis and needs to be in an in-patient facility to properly treat his illness. Moreover, in 10 days it will have rendered us homeless. The most important issue right now is OUR HOME. My lease is up at the end of March. I am all paid up but I am completely broke. I need to come up with $3000.00 up front to extend my lease. Anything will help. They will only take the $ up front because I have been late 5 times this year from having to pay the extra hospital and treatment bills and missing work. I fell into a bit of depression because I felt useless, but my attitude has improved and I am motivated again.

    This is my last hail Mary to save us both before having to go to a shelter and lose everything. I cannot bring a sick kid into a shelter!!! The butterflies are getting worse every day. I am desperate, PLEASE HELP US!!!

  • Lisa Hochstetler

    Hi, my name is Lisa Hochstetler. I am writing about my sister-in law who just lost her husband two weeks ago and now is about to lose everything else because they both were on disability and just when he was getting a settlement from workman’s comp for falling on his head 5 years ago, he had a sudden hear attack and passed away. This is the story we have posted on gofundme.

    Terri’s story is one of overcoming challenges.

    My sister, Terri , lost her husband, Jeff, to a heart attack on 3/20/2016. Terri & Jeff were married 6 1/2 years. Both of them had been married before. Terri has two adult children and five grand children and Jeff has one adult daughter who’s attending college. Terri and Jeff have always helped their children during times of difficulty, as some parents will do. Terri has been on disability for many years due to a back injury. Jeff fell off a tanker truck from a height of 9 feet almost 5 years ago and severely injured his neck. Thus began an almost 5 year battle with workman’s comp and his former company, neither of which was willing to pay him.

    Jeff’s workman’s compensation battle was finally settled this past February 2016 – he was injured May 2011. Four weeks later Jeff died suddenly from a heart attack which ended his monthly disability payments (he had only received one) and he did not have a life insurance policy because he was unable to work for the past five years.

    Due to his injury, and because they got very little money during this time, Terri and Jeff had to resort to debt consolidation which wasn’t supposed to be paid off until 2018. After Jeff died, Terri went to the firm that did their debt consolidation to tell them of her tragedy. They demanded that she pay the full $27,000 dollars of their debt consolidation immediately. Her disability payments will not pay her monthly house note, utility bills, prescription drugs, food and gasoline much less the $27,000.

    She needs to keep the house that she shared with Jeff. She would like to perhaps get a roommate to help her out, but right now all she can worry about is her bills.

    Terri hasn’t even been able to grieve the last few weeks because every time she turns around someone wants money from her which she just doesn’t have. She needs to be able to have a respite so that she can plan her future without Jeff.

    If you are able to donate and help Terri out of this horrible situation, everyone in her family would be so grateful. This woman really needs a break after five years of nothing but continous heartache.
    We are trying to raise $35K for her so she doesn’t have a total nervous breakdown due to all the stress. If you can find it in your heart to help out our family would be so appreciative.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Stephanie Madia

    Hi. My name is Stephanie. I’m a single mother of two children. I’ve been divorced 12 years. Since the divorce I have put myself through a master’s degree program so I can try to make a better life for myself and my children and our futures. By goinf back to school, I have found a decent paying job, however I now have $85000 in student loans. I am in a loan fogiveness program, so hopefully in years to come that will disappear once I have contributed 10 years to public service. I am asking for assistance paying off my mortgage. I roughly owe about $105000. I cannot seem to get ahead no matter how hard I try. There are always issues with the house and repairs needed, I save a dollar and have to then spend 5. I am going into debt badly. I am fortunate because I do have a job, we have food to eat and our health. So I feel selfish even asking for assistance. But I know in about a year times are going to get even worse because the child support will be coming to an end and not only do I have my student loans but I am now accruing loans for my daughter’s college and next year my son will be going to college. If I did not have the mortgage payment we can breathe so much easier. My son needs a car for college, I drive a 2003 car with almost 200000 miles on it. It probably won’t last much longer. I feel like my world is starting to cave in and I feel I am about to crumble financially. I don’t want my children to see me struggle. I want them to see the accomplishments i have made in life and I want them to clearly see the accomplishments they can make. My own son has stated he won’t go to college to avoid further debt for me. My daughter has stated she will not go on beyond her associate degree because it’s too expensive. I would never ever want that. I would work 12 more jobs if I needed to, to help him and my daughter to accomplish all of their goals. Please consider my request. I would just like help paying off my mortgage. I know it is an enormous request. I promise to one day pay this forward when I’m back on my feet and can help someone else out in the future. Thank you very much.