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Bad credit online shopping catalogs are not really just for people with “bad credit.” People with bad credit have an easier time getting merchandise from these types of catalogs and online shopping sites simply because they still they still use the “old” system of doing business. Before the current business climate where there is an intermediary between merchant and buyer, the merchant and the buyer would do business directly with each other. Now, for the most part, there are finance companies and credit bureaus who stand between merchants and customers.

The system of “buy now pay later no credit check” has been around for a long time. It is only that now, with the economy the way it is, people who didn’t rely on these services before are not flocking to buy now pay later no credit check catalogs and websites to obtain personal goods.

What Are Some Reputable Bad Credit Online Shopping Catalogs?

There are more and more so called “bad credit catalogs” popping up everyday. Some have specific brands of clothing and merchandise, while other have a more generalized collection. Some are specifically for men, some are specifically for woman, while others have a happy medley of clothing and merchandise for the entire family. It really all depends on what your preference is. Once you order items from one buy now pay later catalog and pay back your purchase on time, you will generally receive another similar buy now pay later catalog in the mail. Here are a few that can get you started. Some choices in buy now pay later catalogs or bad credit online shopping catalogs include:

  1. Fingerhut
  2. Montgomery Ward
  3. Midnight Velvet
  4. Seventh Avenue
  5. Stoneberry
  6. Mason Easy Pay (Shoes)
  7. A Time For Me (option through catalog)

So whatever type of merchandise you are looking for, you can pretty much find it in one of the buy now pay later catalogs that are available online. It may be easier to order the catalogs which are usually free and most come with some sort of “pre-approved” limit to shop with (usually $100 and under). As you display a good payment record, your credit limit gradually increases.

Other Source of Catalogs You Can Get Even if You Have Bad Credit


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