Affiliate Marketers Earn More at Zazzle


Having a art gallery at zazzle is a way to earn more however when you promote other artist products as an affiliate marketer your earnings will increase rather nicely.

When affiliates promote my products at Photo Gifts by Susan they earn 15% royalty when the product sells. Now if the client does not purchase the product from my gallery and buys something from another gallery, you will still earn 15% because the client came from your referral link.

You can publish articles about zazzle artists and their work or you can add affiliate links to your blogs. I Added a gift store to my blog: Design Secrets for home and Garden and this referral page enables me to earn 15% from sales my referral business is awesome.

dollar-213619_640I am happy to say that I sold 500 postcards off the blog post. So if you want to earn more online I would highly recommend that you look at becoming a affiliate marketer at It is an excellent way to earn more money online.