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Best Oral B Electric ToothBrush for Braces


What is the Best Oral B Electric Toothbrush for Braces?

Cleaning teeth with braces is always a tricky proposition, but these days there are some very good electric toothbrushes about, having been purposefully designed for cleaning in and around your braces — and here we will take at the very best oral b electric toothbrush for braces. The oral b 5000, let’s explore why it is so good at cleaning in and around your braces as well as promoting excellent health care (we also take a look at the exact cleaner head to use in conjunction with the Oral-B 5000).

  • Cleaning Modes (specialized for braces) – what makes the 5000 so impressive is the amount of cleaning modes that it has integrated (massage, polish, deep clean, massage & sensitive), so you can ‘customize your clean’. But, when cleaning teeth with braces on you will be interested in the sensitive mode as it performs at a slower rate of pulsations & oscillations to allow for a more intricate clean.
  • Custom Brush Cleaner Heads – you can select from a wide range of cleaner heads to address specific oral issues you have. The ORTHO is specially designed for those who have had orthodontic work done in and around their mouth, exactly like braces. Whereby it has been shaped for you to work around the braces in place. Check out the range of other cleaner heads too (e.g. pro white, clean sensitive, floss action).
  • ‘Superior Oral Cleaning Results’ the 5000 offers 40,000 pulsations every 60 seconds along with 8,800 oscillations to remove 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush and is proven to stimulate & improve gum health more effectively than the rival Philips sonicare electric toothbrush range (along with 50% more movements).

All four points are strong indicators to suggest that this is not only the best oral b electric toothbrush for braces, but the best electric toothbrush for cleaning braces. You may have also noticed, that it come with a smart guide, this is like having your own virtual dentist there with you, recommending the most optimal cleaning habits and tips. It works through letting you know when your two minute recommended optimal cleaning time is up (with 30 second audible increments for you to move from one quadrant to the next) as well as if you are brushing too hard that you could be potentially damaging the enamel of your teeth.

In all, it is clear that the Oral B 5000 is the best oral b toothbrush for braces, the other models don’t offer the intricate cleaning modes, nor do they have as long of a battery charge and the wireless smart guide that comes with them.

There is the Oral B 7000, but it costs a lot more and doesn’t offer you really anything significantly extra that someone who is cleaning their teeth with braces will be concerned about. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the overview of the best oral-b electric toothbrush for braces, then please be sure to make them below.

Best Oral B Electric ToothBrush for Braces
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