Case Ingersoll Garden Tractors For Sale


Farmers, handymen and landscapers all know the value of finding a new or used Case Ingersoll garden tractor for sale. These tractors are absolute workhorses and built to standards not often seen amongst today’s tractor manufacturers. With dozens of attachments that can be hot swapped to add special utilities like snow plowing, bull dozing or roto-tilling, these garden tractors are as valuable as they are versatile.

Despite their raw power and customizability, they are not particularly large, especially compared with other tractors in their same horsepower class. Most Case Ingersoll garden tractors have engines that range between 14 to 18 horsepower, yet these exceptionally well-built machines are capable of tilling entire farms, mowing dozens of acres of high grass, mulching and snowblowing for many years so long as they receive proper servicing and care.

Unfortunately, these days many local farmers and landscapers are struggling to find case ingersoll tractors for sale, and many are resorting to alernative venues like or websites like American Auctions, which sometimes features heavy duty farm equipment. Most of the time, your best bet is to search locally on craigslist for specialty tractor parts or entire garden tractors. Chances are that if someone in your area is willing to part with their little workhorse, they’ll have it listed locally.

There are a couple of reasons for this, but one of them is that freight shipments complicate sales. Should one or both parties need to arrange for freight across several states, it greatly increases the cost of doing business and the overall buyer’s price. It’s ideal to find someone nearby who is selling their case ingersoll tractor because this will give you the opportunity to check the machine out in person before you buy it.