Churches that Help Pay Bills

When a lot of people think about going to church, they think about going to serve the Lord, not help to pay bills. Some people enjoy going to church because they love the singing and dancing. There are those who have a higher spiritual need and feel going to church will connect them to the spiritual realm. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things you can do at churches like raise money for charity or even asked for money to pay your rent and bills. That is not because of the church is the charity but because some Christian organizations feel the moral need to help the poor. Churches that help pay bills can be considered somewhat controversial. That is because a lot of people might be enticed not by the message of the Bible but by what they can receive.

How to Ask for Assistance

If you need help paying your bills, approaching a church to help is not as easy as you might think. For example, some churches only provide help to those who are members. That also means you need to be an active member of the church and must have been contributing directly or indirectly to the community. They also have a screening process which means they will not just give you money to pay your bills just because you are asked for it. The Catholic Church is one of the biggest structures that provide help to pay bills. At times, they might not give you the money you need but will help with things like food stamps and other items you might need for your home. Food is of course a very big part of a family budget and getting help in this area can reduce the burden.

Catholic Charities

Sites like Catholic charities USA can be a good starting point for those who want to know what types of aid or assistance are available. If you’re not a Catholic, you can also seek help directly from charities receiving money from organized religion.

Some people might not think it is correct for a church to provide help to pay bills to only those who are members of their faith. It is understandable that a country will want to provide help for its citizens. The same principle can be applied to churches providing assistance to family who are members.

Types of Assistance

Here’s a list of the types of bills you might get help with:

Rent: Perhaps you can get assistance in paying your rent from a church.

Utility: Get aid paying utility and electric bills.

Food: Many religious groups have food pantries that could assist you.

Heat: LIHEP isn’t the only place that help you pay your heating costs.

Other Churches that Assist Members

If you are Protestant or belong to any denomination under this umbrella, you might also be able to get help to pay your bills. Like in the case mentioned above, you might not be successful if you’re not a member. The is a good place to go to if you need help with your bills. For example if you are over 65 years old you might be able to get help during the winter to pay heating bills from a church.