How Can I Contact Oprah Winfrey for Money? Tips to Get Financial Assistance


How can I contact Oprah for money? Oprah is a millionaire and one of the richest women in the universe. She provides financial assistance to others by donating well over $50 million every year to non-profit organizations and needy individuals. A myriad of charities and families have been positively affected by her generous donations. If you need financial assistance or struggle to pay your bills due to low income, you are probably asking “how can I contact Oprah for money?” Start by contacting the queen of daytime television via email, her official website or traditional postal mail.

When corresponding with Ms. Winfrey, let her know details about your problem or situation in a well-written and concise letter. Also, give specifics in your correspondence that describes precisely what you are asking for and how you may profit from her generosity. Provide her with your complete contact information, as she will need to locate you if she decides to provide you with financial assistance. Furthermore, write your communication in a kind and gracious manner by using phrases like “thank you” and “I appreciate.” Below you will find six tips to discover the answer to the question, “How can I contact Oprah for money?”

How Can I Contact Oprah for Money? Tip 1: The Oprah College Scholarship

The Oprah Winfrey College Scholarship is funded by gifted donations by Ms. Winfrey. The gifts are distributed to educational institutions and organizations that supply funds to further the education of qualified students. Her money is primarily used to help minority students that require financial assistance to finish their secondary education. Every participating institution should be able to supply you with an application and the corresponding due date for the Oprah College Scholarship, so you can be considered as a recipient of the educational support.

How Can I Contact Oprah for Money? Tip 2: Not for Profit Organizations

If you are a representative of a not for profit organization, you may request that Oprah contributes cash to your group, or you may propose that she sign something for a charity auction. For instance, she autographed a dog bone made of wood for an animal haven in Mississippi that collected the association more than $1,000. Get inventive in your solicitation, as all charitable contributions can assist your group.

How Can I Contact Oprah for Money? Tip 3: OWN Casting Calls

The OWN Network holds casting calls for individuals to be on future episodes of awaiting shows. The network scouts for individuals and families suffering from difficulties, financially struggling, single parenting, marital unhappiness and neighbour disputes. As a result of appearing on one of the shows, participants collect payment and potentially receive other bonuses. Additionally, professionals working with OWN can aid you in resolving any challenges or difficulties.

How Can I Contact Oprah for Money? Tip 4: Find Contests at

Oprah’s website,, hosts a myriad of contests offering prizes, cash, trips, vacations and gifts to lucky winners. Typically the sweepstakes involves entering your name, address and other demographic data. However, other sweepstakes may be more of a contest, in which you have to write a letter or make a video describing your idea or situation. For instance, as of the publication date of this article, the “Give Sweet Thanks Sweepstakes” and the “Oprah’s Lifeclass Sweepstakes” are two available contests for anyone to enter.

How Can I Contact Oprah for Money? Tip 5: Apply for the Leadership Academy

One more way to solve your question about “How Can I Contact Oprah for Money? is to apply to Ms. Winfrey’s Leadership Academy. If you are or know a little girl living in South Africa that ranges in age from 9 to 16 years, she can apply. While this Leadership Academy takes girls entering seventh grade and up, preparatory materials need to be completed to be considered for acceptance. Acceptance to this education institution provides financial assistance to these girls via boarding, education, clothing and supplying other required necessities.

How Can I Contact Oprah for Money? Tip 6: Get Your Story Out

There are infinite mechanisms to get your story out and ask Oprah for financial assistance. It is paramount to make a true effort at publicizing your story so Ms. Winfrey will read about you and want to help. Some ways you can get your story out is by writing appropriate comments on her site or submitting requests via her contact page on her website. Toss out budgeting, donating and fundraising ideas in your correspondence to her team. There is an array of ways to garner publicity to meet your needs.

How Can I Contact Oprah for Money?

In conclusion, Ms. Winfrey donates far more cash each year than the majority of people will garner in their whole life. Oprah gives via charitable organizations, not for profit organizations, educational institutions and sweepstakes to supply others with financial assistance. If you need cash from a millionaire or the queen of daytime television, write and let each of them know your situation, apply for educational assistance or enter a sweepstakes. So, now you know the answer to your question, “How can I contact Oprah for money?”