How Can I Get Money from Millionaires 2012 – Rich People, Charities That Provide Financial Assistance


How can I get money from millionaires? Help me I need money! How to get financial help? If these are some of the questions you’ve been asking then please read on. If you need money to care for a loved one or to start a new business you can turn to millionaires for financial assistance. There are plenty of rich wealthy people who help people in need. All you need to do is know how to ask millionaires for money! If you have a genuine need and are willing to ask the question – how can I get money from millionaires then you too can get help.

How can I get money from millionaires? – Asking rich wealthy philanthropists for money

Before you ask how can I get money from millionaires you need to establish whether your need is genuine. Just shouting “help me I need money” or I want “free cash now” won’t get you heard, assess your need. If you already have a decent income and savings then you shouldn’t abuse millionaires by asking them for money. If you want money to start a new business or to look after a terminally ill relative then the chances are you will get money from millionaires.

How can I get money from millionaires? – Rich People Who Help People In Need – How much money do I need?

Once you have a valid reason to request financial assistance from millionaires, you need to establish how much you need. Don’t be greedy and ask for more financial assistance than you need as you will be turned down by millionaires and rich philanthropists who will get annoyed with your letter. If you want to start a new business then look at the start up costs and see whether these rich millionaire can help towards that figure, let them know how you arrived at the figure.

How can I get money from millionaires? – Rich and Famous People Who Give Money to Help

Once you know how much you need you need to make a list of the rich and famous people who give money to help people in need. A Google search will reveal many millionaires and philanthropists that are willing to give money. Make a spread sheet so that you can keep all the contact details of millionaires who give money away. On the spread sheet you can also keep tabs on when you contacted them and when you expect to get a response. If you can compile a list of millionaires who provide financial assistance this will really help you keep organised.

How can I get money from millionaires? – Sample letters showing how you can get help from rich people

How can I get money from millionaires is a question that many ask however only a handful are successful. The key to success is the letter that you write to the millionaire asking for money. If the letter is just requesting money without a need then you will get declined. In the letter to the millionaire you need to write about your current circumstances and let them know about your income and expenditure, you could even give them a copy of your bank statement to show how much you have.

How can I get money from millionaires? – Example Samples Letters asking Billionaires & Millionaires for money

How can I get money from millionaire’s sounds like a crude question so you need to be careful when you write your letter? Here is an example/sample letter answering the question “how can I get money from rich people” in a professional and acceptable format.

Dear Mr Millionaire,

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, it is greatly appreciated. I am writing to ask for financial assistance, I am currently unemployed and trying to get myself out of poverty. I have a business idea and have enclosed a business plan, I would be grateful if you could have a look at the plan and let me know what you think. I am really determined to make this plan work and have also enclosed a report detailing my income and expenditure as well as my bank statements.

I would be grateful if you could give me some feedback on my business plan and perhaps make a small donation so I can get it off the ground. I need £10,000 to get started and would appreciate any contribution. On a regular basis I would provide you with updates showing you my progress.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You

Mr Poor

How can I get money from millionaires? – Rich people that are willing to help out other people in need – Response Time

Be patient, getting a response from millionaires that pay does take time, these rich people may need more information or might even want to meet you! For every 10 requests you make you might have 1 success so it’s very important to be patient and persevere.