How Do You Paint Over Rust

Many metal objects in and around the house rust including metal roofs, metal furniture, toolboxes, doors, sheds, cars along with other items. As metal rusts, it not only looks bad, but if the rust is left to continue to degrade and eat away at the metal, will weaken it. Weakened metal can be dangerous, roofs can collapse, sheds can fall and metal furniture can develop sharp rusty edges. Cuts from sharp rusty metal oftentimes require a tetanus shot to keep very getting very ill. So you can now see how rust is more than just an eyesore.

There are many ways to get rid of the rust. You can wire brush the rust, sand it, chemically strip it or grind it away. While all of these choices will work, they are time consuming and labor intensive. After all you just want to repaint the shed, wall, roof or whatever you have. You really did not want this to become a huge project.

Most people know you cannot simply slap a coat of paint over rusted metal. Or wait … maybe you can.

The answer to this is yes, you can coat rusted metal with paint to revive the surface. Unfortunately, not just any paint. A specialized paint is required. The specialized paint is a rust-binding paint. After removing obviously loose pieces of rust, but don’t make yourself crazy hunting down every last piece of loose rust. A shop vac works well to suck up the big stuff, but again it is not necessary.

Use a brush, roller or paint sprayer to apply the rust-binding paint to the rusty metal surface. Let the paint dry and paint a coat of rust-inhibiting paint over the top. The surface will look bumpy and uneven, but the rust will fuse together with the surface metal and paint to stop the corrosion and protect the metal.

Rust-Oleum makes a truly great rust-binding paint called Rust Reformer. Applying Rust-Oleum Rust Reformer is easy. Although, you will have to keep up with future applications to keep corrosion at bay it is a viable solution for rust.

Use a paint roller attached to a mop or broom handle when painting tall structures or roofs.

Always wear gloves and safety glasses when working around or on rusted metal.

Rust Reformer can be used indoors or out.

If it is metal, if it is rusted, you can bind the rust to the metal and still get a lot of life out of those patio chairs, shed, roof or what have you.