How to Keep Cats Off Your Car

Keep cats off your car by using the same principal that you would use to keep cats off the kitchen counters.  Know that when teaching a cat something new, that they do not get the message immediately;  Be patient all cats can learn something new unless they have a disability.

Before implementing any cat deterrents to keep the cats off your car by locating the owner of the neighborhood cat. Meet with the owner and inform them that their cat is being a nuisance and ask them to keep their cat indoors.  Tell them any damage (scratches) on your car that they will be responsible.  Most pet owners do not want to part with their money and they will keep their cats  indoors and away from your car.


Now if your problem is stray or feral cats then the best way to keep them off and away from your car is by making them uncomfortable.

Keep cats away and off your car by grossing them out.  Spread a layer of orange or grapefruit peels in the same area as your car. Cats do not like citrus and this natural pest control will keep the cats off your car. This cat repellent is effective for a short period of time as the scent does wear off as the peels dry. Replenish as needed.

Another way to keep cats off and away from your car is to BUY a commercial ultrasonic pest control alarm.  The high frequency alarm will go off when the motion sensor detects the cats. This pest control alarm is an effective deterrent for cats with good hearing.

There are other products that are effective in training cats to stay away from your car.  Amazon and PetSmart have Scat Mat’s.  Set a scat mat on the hood and one on the trunk of your car. When the cat attempts to jump onto the car they will land on the scat mat and will get a slight shock.  The shock will alarm the cat and they will quickly jump off the car.

Some cats will try to get back up onto the car but when they feel the static shock they will jump off the car and will leave the area. The Scat Mat is an effective and quick method for training cats to keep off the car.

Know that the best way to keep cats off your car is to park it in the garage and shut the door.  Of course if that is not an option you can always buy a car cover.  However car covers are not fool proof because cats may mark it and then the cover will stink.

Do you have a cat problem in your yard? What deterrents, repellents do you use to keep neighborhood cats out of your yard and away from your car?




  • Eddie Mars

    The house next door to us has been abandoned for years and it’s yard has become a home for stray cats. They get under the hood of our car in winter to stay warm. They usually take off when we come out but I’m afraid one of them is going to get caught in a moving part of the engine when we start the cars.

    • Sgolis

      Not sure where you are but if you are in the US you can contact The Cat Network or Alley Cat Allies and they may have trappers in your neighborhood. What they will do is organize a TNR program which will get all those cats sterilized so they no longer can reproduce, they will either release them or take them to a colony where they are caretakers. you bet the cats gets under the hood to get warm. I always tap on the hood of my car and wait a few minutes before getting in and starting the engine.

  • UH1Cdriver

    The best way to keep cats off of your car, is for cat owners to not let their cats roam freely. While garaging a car is ideal, millions of car owners do have access to a garage.
    A car cover will protect your car from the elements, but my $291 custom cover is now in tatters after the neighborhood stray cats got done with it.
    The neighbors who are feeding these cats are indifferent to the problem, (and my local SPCA does not trap and remove stray/feral cats). One neighbor told me that his cats don’t stray beyond his (non-fenced in) yard. While he was telling me this, I was observing 15/20 empty cat food cans on his porch. Such is the mentality of cat people.
    I’m experimenting with spraying a 3-1 ratio of water to lemon juice concentrate (a generic “Real Lemon, Lemon Juice), around my car, with a 1-Gal. pump sprayer. I sprayed a very light coating, about 3 feet wide, around my car last night. I used less than 1-Qt. to cover about 100 sq. ft. I was careful not to get any on my car, as I suspect that citric acid would probably be harmful to the car finish. It seems to have worked. No cat prints on my car this morning. I’m not going to make another application until I see more paw prints. I want to find out how long it’s effective, and if there is any residual effect left after a rain storm.
    I’ll update my experiment as it progresses.

    • Sgolis

      Yes if you have a cat problem the car cover will not be the answer. Cats will scratch it up and mark on it. Best way to keep them off the car is by putting it the garage, but sometimes that is not an option. Cats do not like citrus…you can repel them with citrus but you must reapply after ot rains or the scent fades.