How to Naturally Cure Yellow Toenails


The reason some people have yellow toenails is because of fungus that grows underneath the nail. The fungus gets trapped under the toe and doesn’t provide enough oxygen to kill the bacteria. Medication can be used to cure yellow toenails however it may cause liver damage and other stomach problems. There are natural ways to cure yellow toenails quickly.

-One way to cure your yellow toenails and get rid of all the bacteria is to thoroughly wash your feet and dry them with a clean towel. It is important to use a scent free soap instead of using a soap that contains perfume. Instead of wiping them dry, try dabbing them to reduce any irritation.

-Another way to get rid of yellow toenails is to soak your feet in a bowl of listerine. Simply placing enough listerine to cover the bottom of the bowl will work great so you don’t waste too much mouthwash. The only thing that is important to soak are your toenails.

-The third way you can naturally cure yellow toenails is by smothering vapor rub on them right before bed and covering them with bandages. In the morning let them have oxygen and wash them. This may take several months to see improvement however, a brand new healthy nail should grow under the yellow one, and the old nail will soon fall off. Be sure to keep both the old and new nail when it is growing neatly trimmed.

-You can also get rid of your yellow toenails over time by taking a lot of vitamins and eating healthy. The healthier your body is, the healthier your feet and nails will be.

-Dab baking soda and water on your toenails a few times a day. Since baking soda is the ultimate cleanser, it will do a good job in getting rid of the fungus you have growing on your feet. Be sure to get as much of the mixture under your nail as possible so the fungi can be flushed out.

-Avoid wearing shoes and socks when possible. Socks especially trap in a lot of moisture and bacteria where fungus can grow. Walking throughout your house barefoot and wearing open-toed sandals will help keep your toenails healthy.

-If you don’t have much time to get rid of your yellow toenails there is a quick cover up. Wearing flip flops to a summer party may be embarrassing with those yellow toenails. Get a pedicure or paint them yourself to cover up any yellow that may be visible to a crowd. No one would ever know what is under that colorful nail polish.