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How to Ship a Motorcycle Overseas from USA in 5 Simple Steps?


How to Ship a Motorcycle Overseas from USA in 5 Simple Steps?

Get your motorcycle shipped overseas from USA!

Whether you are moving or purchasing a new bike, you can get it shipped overseas from USA by following few simple steps. In fact, you can get international shipping services if you are a seller or a retailer as well. These steps will help you get international motorcycle shipping services at the affordable costs-

Research and Select a Website

It is important that you select a company that will offer you automobile shipping services. Choosing a website requires researching. You can study different companies that offer required services, compare their prices and choose accordingly. Opt for companies that have larger cargos or need individual orders to fill up cargo space to ensure that you can cut down on costs and get the product shipped without a fuss. A number of international motorcycle shipping companies, work with retailers and larger scale buyers as well. So, whether you want 5 motorcycles or 50, you can choose a company by visiting different websites online. Ensure that you select someone that offers overseas shipping in major countries across the globe.

Study custom registrations

It is important that you know more about custom registrations that would be required for your motorcycle import or export. Choose a company that provides custom registration and safety of cargo along with optional insurance services so that you wouldn’t have to worry about anything when you opt for international motorcycle shipping services.

Use Container Shipping

If you are shipping more than one motorcycle, you can opt for container shipping. Some of the best companies offer containers where you can load bikes for less expensive rates. Motorcycle shipping by container is more affordable because they don’t require elaborate or extensive storage measures in comparison to when different vehicles are loaded in the same container. Also, container usage guarantees more safety for your motorcycle(s), as they are strapped and secured.

Know the transport time

If you are sharing extra space in a cargo, make sure that you understand the cargo route and know the transportation time it will take for getting the shipment. Don’t have unrealistic ideas that you will receive the shipment within a day. Prefer to choose companies that offer timely shipment and are ready to share transport time with you beforehand. Talk to your shipment provider if you want to know about any additional costs that you may have to incur.


Give yourself at least 30-45 minutes for the pickup. While the shipment company will help you with the customs and registrations, you will still need to fill down the paperwork, which will help you to keep the motorcycle wherever you want. So, give yourself some extra time. Meanwhile, inspect motorcycle(s) thoroughly once you receive the package. It is important that you note down any discrepancies in paint, windshield or the mirrors and claim insurance compensation, if needed.

Use these simple steps to get motorcycle shipped overseas without a fuss.

How to Ship a Motorcycle Overseas from USA in 5 Simple Steps?
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