Is It OK to Use Bleach to Whiten Your Teeth?


Many individuals are interested in teeth whitening, some individuals become obsessed with the issue to their own demise if they are not careful.

I knew one girl in college many years ago, she had a nice set of teeth but she became obsessed with whitening her good teeth by taking a cotton swab, dipping it into chlorine bleach and then applying the bleach directly to each tooth. I am not sure how long she had been doing so when I met her, but the very first time I was with a mutual friend and they began talking about it, I was stunned that anyone could even consider doing such. Every time she brought up the subject, while she was asking this mutual friend if she could see a difference in the coloring of her teeth, I would tell the girl she was ruining her tooth enamel and asked her to stop using bleach on her teeth.

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Her teeth were whiter; however, she did begin to complain from time to time, that her gums were hurting. She would never listen to us concerning what we thought of her bleaching her teeth, whiter and whiter. Eventually, I left the college city where both these friends lived. Years later, while talking on the phone with the mutual friend, she mentioned the other girl. I then asked about her white teeth. Unfortunately, as we had both known would eventually happen, this girl had applied chlorine bleach to her teeth so often that the enamel was eaten away. She experienced a great deal of pain and the expense of having a professional dentist fix the long-term damage she had caused herself by trying to bleach her teeth whiter than white teeth should actually be.

The moral of this story:

Teeth whitening is a personal issue. There are many other healthy means of whitening your teeth without further damaging your teeth or even losing them due to negligence of listening to good counsel or even the use of good common sense.

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According to WebMD, our teeth should be about a shade a little lighter than the whites of our eyes.

A Hollywood smile or a brighter approachable smile is not obtainable by shear stupidity or the lack of practicing good dental health. There are various over the counter teeth whitening agents and products and your local dentist would more than likely be thrilled to aid you in whitening your teeth in a healthy way rather than to have to try to undo or fix what you may do to them purposely. You can try to do it yourself at home, natural remedies do work; however, they work in their own time with your active practice.

However, regardless of the type of teeth whitening procedure you may choose to use, whitening your teeth does take time, unless you visit the dentist, who can offer you a visible difference after undergoing the procedure. If you plan to whiten your teeth, you should know that it will take time and committed practice to achieve and maintain a white bright smile. Some individuals simply use a baking soda and peroxide paste to brush and then rinse thoroughly. However, you should get instructions from your dentist of how much to use and whether or not you should use such a procedure.

Another thing to consider is that anything you put in your mouth or on your teeth will be somewhat absorbed by your teeth. Although tooth enamel is even harder than our bones, they do soak in and soak up whatever they encounter, during our day-to-day life. This is why smoking, drinking coffee, tea and wine as well as some of the choices we make in what we eat can and will stain the teeth.

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If you want whiter teeth, you need to consider your daily diet of the things you eat and drink. If you smoke, you may as well get use to the idea that you will have to practice some type of dental health and teeth whitening to keep your teeth pearly white, since smoking is detrimental to not only your health, but also that wonderful smile you are so proud of flashing.

Of course, there are other reasons for darkened teeth, which may include the effects of using a particular medication or even your mother using the medication. With this type of situation as well as darkening caused by an accident, you really should visit your dentist rather than trying to whiten your teeth on your own with over the counter solutions or teeth whitening toothpaste. Your dentist can most likely help you take care of the problem more quickly than using any other type of over the counter teeth whitening products, or using a simple toothbrush and toothpaste.

One thing to remember, regardless of your need or reason for wanting teeth whitening, takes care of your teeth. Practice good dental health daily, have a good dental plan, and never ever simply apply chlorine bleach directly to your own teeth to get a brighter whiter smile, since one day you may have to pay to fix the damage you cause by doing so.