How to Keep Cats Off Your Car


Keep cats off your car by using the same principal that you would use to keep cats off the kitchen counters. Cats are creatures of habit and if they have marked your cars then you need to train the cats that they are not welcome, achieve this with cat repellents.

When you apply the repellent the cat will find it difficult to jump onto the hood of your car. The cat will try ever angle to jump on your car, but will find that your car is not welcoming. When the cat learns that they have no access to your car they will eventually give up and move on.

Before implementing any cat deterrents try to locate the owner of the neighborhood cat. Meet with the owner and inform them that their cat is being a nuisance and ask them to keep their cat indoors.



Step 1

Deter cats from your car by making them uncomfortable. Grow peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, thyme, chives, garlic and onions in containers or in gardens close to where you park your car. Cats avoid areas where these plants are growing because the scent that the plants release is repulsive.

Step 2

Repel cats by spreading a layer of orange or grapefruit peels in the same area as your car. Cats do not like citrus and this natural pest control will keep the cats off your car. This cat repellent is effective for a short period of time as the scent does wear off as the peels dry. Replenish as needed.

Step 3

Stop cats from lying on the hood of your car with recycled coffee grounds. If you are a coffee drinker you will find this is a cheap and useful method for repelling cats. In order to use the coffee ground effectively you would first allow the spent grounds to dry on a paper towel. When they are dry put them in an air tight container. Save the spent coffee grounds from every pot of coffee that you prepare. Create a barrier around your car by encircling it with the coffee grounds. This is a natural cat repellent that works. Reapply the coffee grounds daily to keep the scent potent.

Step 4

Keep cats off the hood of your car with a commercial ultrasonic pest control alarm. The alarm is easy to install; attach the battery and when the red light is on the motion sensor is activated. The high frequency alarm will go off when the motion sensor detects the cats. This pest control alarm is an effective deterrent for cats with good hearing.

Step 5

Repel cats from your car with a natural repellent that is derived from predator; coyote and fox urine. The commercial product Shake Away works well if you apply it sparingly around your car. Do this by marking the area the same way that the predator would. Shake the formula close to your car tires and mark the surrounding area to indicate that this territory is yours and cats are not welcome. Mark your property; fence post, tree, shrub, and the side of your home. By marking in different sections you will be repelling cats from all directions. When the cat picks up the scent of the predator they will leave the area. Reapply cat repellent after it rains.

Step 5

Train cats to keep off the car with Scat Mat’s. Set a scat mat on the hood and one on the trunk of your car. When the cat attempts to jump onto the car they will land on the scat mat and will get a slight shock the shock will alarm the cat and they will quickly jump off the car. Some cats will try to get back up onto the car but when they feel the static shock they will jump off the car and will leave the area. The Scat Mat is an effective and quick method for training cats to keep off the car. Scat mats will keep your cats off the car when it is parked in the garage. Scat mats are recommended for indoor use only.

Step 6

Prevent cats from getting on the hood of your car with an X-Mat. This is a non shocking method to train cats to keep off your car. The mat is effective because the mat that faces up on your car has 650- discomfort bumps. Purchase several mats to cover your entire hood and trunk of your car. If you do not protect your entire car the cat will jump up on the X Mat feel the irritation and then jump onto an unprotected area of your car, they will feel no soreness and then they will lie down. For best results use the X Mats on a sunny day when there is no wind.

Tips and Warnings

  • Shake-Away is not effective on all cats; some older house cats do not pick up the scent.
  • A custom fit cover will protect your car from paw prints and scratches however cats will get on your car and they may mark the cover as their territory.
  • Cats lie on cars for safety and also for the warmth.
  • The best way to keep cats off your car is to park your car in a garage.
  • Mothballs are toxic to cats. If the cats should touch the mothball with their paw and then lick their paw the cat will become seriously ill; vomiting, abdominal pain, organ failure, swelling of the brain, seizures, coma and death.

Note from Susan: I am a cat lover, in fact I over see a feral cat colony but that does not mean that I like cats on top of the car. When the cat jumps onto the car it is usually for warmth or for safety but each jump equals a scratch and those scratches are never covered by car insurance. So the repair comes out of pocket and that can be costly. I applied the tips in this article and now I do not need to worry about cats jumping on my car.