Millionaires who Help People in Need


There are many millionaires who help people in need, free of charge, with no strings attached. While some of the rich and famous folks on this list may not necessarily offer you assistance if you are poor, they are some of the more generous folks you will meet. Let’s explore the millionaires and billionaires who help people in need, and give them some props for it. Here is just a small list of the rich and famous actors, athletes, and celebrities that may be willing to assist you or others.


Many professional athletes are willing to assist those that are poor or needy. Millionaires who help people in need are often famous athletes. Jerome Bettis, Charles Woodson, Peyton and Eli Manning, and others all have started their own foundations to assist others that are less fortunate. If you are trying to locate wealthy athletes that assist others, the list will be quite long. From professional football players to basketball or soccer players, you will not find a shortage of rich and famous athletes giving away money to those that require assistance to get by. The poor can benefit from these generous and wealthy folks.


As you explore billionaires and millionaires who help people in need by giving them free money, you will find many famous people that are more than willing to assist the poor or those that have been struck by tragedy. Oprah Winfrey, Vince McMahon, Sandra Bullock, Will Smith, Johnny Depp and many others have all received props for donating to the poor and those that require assistance financially. Some of the famous celebrities may be handing out the free money to get some publicity or as a tax write-off, but they are still offering up financial assistance to the poor. If you are exploring how to contact these folks, you will need to search for the ones that either have foundations or are well known for their charitable work.

The Rich

There are many billionaires and millionaires who help people in need, often giving away free money in the process. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, just to name a couple, a well-known for giving away money to all kinds of people and organizations. If you are in need of financial assistance, these are just two people you may want to consider asking for money. While there is no guarantee they will assist you, you won’t know until you write to rich and famous people giving away money.