News List of the jobs that require international travel

List of the jobs that require international travel


Here are the jobs that require international travel

Lot of people passionate on travel especially people looking for jobs that require international travel. International travel jobs basically needs more flexibility from the employee since you have to stay abroad at least from month to year.
Petroleum companies
Petroleum companies usually goes in to all the countries and find out the places where they can drill on petrol, so engineers working in petroleum companies will get chance to travel lot thus petroleum related Jobs require international travel

Software and IT jobs

May 31, 2012, the Canadian CGI Group formalized its friendly takeover of the IT services company Logica for more than 2 billion Euros, opening at the same time a market – Europe – where the group was not previously present. But it is an epiphenomenon or the beginning of a trend in a sector particularly sensitive to turbulence in the global economy?

First, because ‘our’ software houses have an image of quality and professionalism that is the envy of other Beacoup, which should engage their foreign counterparts to be interested primarily when the time comes for them to do their shopping … Basically software engineers works for international clients so definitely its require you to travel lot internally.

The other reason – most tangible-is the difference in valuation. Xerfi estimates that the top eight players in the U.S. computer services industry had a ‘war chest’ accumulated over $ 275 billion in summer 2011. And that’s not to mention the Indian, too attentive to opportunities in the European market … Making acquisitions for these structures would be a breeze when you know that the French IT companies achieve the most valued painfully 4 billion euros.

And the market seems to confirm this trend: the OPA has raised the prices of other French IT companies, who each, in the process, gained between 2 and 4% … To be continued!
Bank Sector
The end of 2010, 8,290 banks welcomed alternating of Bac to Bac +4, with a diverse and active policy of alternation, based on a network of 23 centers Apprentice Training (CFA) professional. Bank sectors grows internally, in global market big banks like Bank Of America opening its branches internationally so jobs in bank sector require you to travel abroad.

The agreement signed on September 27 between the Department of Learning and Vocational Training and the French Banking Federation formalizes and strengthens the commitment of banks around six main themes:

a new alternate route will be implemented during the second year of BTS-bank
diversification efforts in favor of hiring of poorly qualified, those experiencing particular difficulties of insertion and job seekers will be intensified, with the ambition to expand the range of trades concerned,
the goal of 5% of alternating three years in higher education is confirmed,
new courses will be developed in connection with the existing business curriculum level Bac +2 / Bac +4, in particular to prepare for jobs in central functions, aftermarket and management of networks,
territorial committees of banks will continue their action on the ground to raise awareness of the trades in the banks, through careers fairs and conventions with the academies of Education,
a Certificate of Qualification (CPQ) in teaching will be created to support the development and enhancement of the activity of guardians, and recognition of their skills.

List of the jobs that require international travel
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