People Who Give Free Christmas Gifts


There are many people who give free Christmas gifts in your area, regardless of where you live. If you are a low income family with children, a single mother or single father, or just a person that cannot afford to buy toys and other presents for your kids, you may want to check out some of the people who help during the holidays. Listed below are some of the places you will want to look for assistance this year.

Toys for Tots

The Marine Corps provides free Christmas gifts for needy children every year. You can sign up for assistance from this group through their website and get some help this year. They have been doing this for decades now and they are willing to help out those less fortunate.

Catholic Charities

This isn’t just local church groups- Catholic Charities is a national organization composed of many local churches all working together to spread the word of Christ and help out the poor during the holidays. They donate presents and free Christmas gifts to the poor each year and are a good place to start looking or people that will assist you.

Angel Tree Programs

There are actually two separate programs that go by the Angel Tree name. The first is the Salvation Army. Many people are able to receive help from the Salvation Army during the Christmas season in the form of gifts. You can sign up for aid by contacting this organization.

The next Angel Tree program is provided by the Prison Fellowship. This is a group that provides toys to children whose parent(s) are incarcerated during the holidays. It’s a great program that fills a need for often forgotten children.

Secret Santa

Low income families can often sign up for Christmas assistance through secret Santa programs in their area. Local businesses often have such programs. Simply contact the businesses that normally host such events and ask to be included on the list of people that receive the aid.

Local Churches/Civic Groups

Many local churches and civic groups are known to help out low income and needy families in their area. Simply look through the phone book and find out what groups are offering help this year.

When to Sign Up

Now! Okay, depending on when you’re reading this, it may not be feasible. However, you should sign up for holiday help early, not just before the season starts. Many of the groups listed accept applications for help all year, while others simply start in early September.

If you are looking for people who give free Christmas gifts, you now have a good idea where to look.