parenting behaviors
Toddlers are just starting to grasp their environment. They’re starting to walk and get used to their surroundings. From their viewpoint, they live in a small world that is run by people much taller and stronger than they are. They can’t yet care for themselves but need the assistance...
great father after divorce
Decades ago, but not too many decades ago, divorce signaled a father's presence fading into the family background. More times than not, the mother was awarded sole custody and after the dust settled, the kids saw Dad on every other weekend, and then the checks came regularly. This became...
perfect mothers day
If you ask anyone, who is that one person in your life that has done everything for you, can do anything for you, is your best support system and is always there for you? They would instantly answer with MOTHER! If one goes on to define what exactly a...
Like it or not, you stand a very good chance of being the benchmark by which your daughter(s) will judge all other men. It doesn’t really matter if the standard is that of a friend, co-worker, or life-partner. You are in possession of a unique opportunity to set her...
gender of your baby from ultrasound photos
There are many reasons that you would want to tell the gender of your baby before he or she is born. There are even means of planning the sex of your baby, in advance. However, once you're pregnant, many want to determine the sex of their future child as soon...
How To Wash Clothes by Hand
Tired of washing by machine and want to lower your impact on the environment? If you are wondering how to wash clothes by hand, washing and cleaning clothes itself can be quite daunting and tiring task, but once done it gives a feeling of relaxation. Washing clothes by hand can...
Don't be Fooled. This is a Hacker’s Guide to Thanksgiving so that you can make the most of your holiday and your delicious turkey at the same time. Tricking up your holidays for fun and memories. Leaves have fallen and cooler weather signals everyone's interest in delicious Thanksgiving foods, and for...
The decision to choose live in care for an elderly relative can be a tough one, but if the family works together it can be a positive experience for both you and your relative. Live in care is an excellent option for helping your relative maintain independence while giving...
LOVE IS THE FOOD OF THE SOUL,THE STRENGHT OF THE WEAK AND THE REASON FOR SACRIFICE... Our HEARTS often speak love, but only few do understand this language of our hearts. And only few out many can treat these our hearts with care when it come to the practicalization of...
Love is light...Love is the way. Love is always the strength and power of anyone who is being loved especially while he/she is in despair. Love gives hope. It changes and transforms lives. It gives courage and a sense of belonging. Let the price you pay everyday for the progress...


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How to Calculate BMI

calculate BMI
BMI calculations might seem like some esoteric and complicated process that you have no hope of figuring out. That's not true. Learning how to calculate BMI isn't magic or some scientific secret withheld by those in the know. If you've ever used a BMI...