parenting behaviors
Toddlers are just starting to grasp their environment. They’re starting to walk and get used to their surroundings. From their viewpoint, they live in a small world that is run by people much taller and stronger than they are. They can’t yet care for themselves but need the assistance...
great father after divorce
Decades ago, but not too many decades ago, divorce signaled a father's presence fading into the family background. More times than not, the mother was awarded sole custody and after the dust settled, the kids saw Dad on every other weekend, and then the checks came regularly. This became...
Having a baby bassinet or cradle is one of those things that are going to make those first precious weeks of time with a newborn that much easier. Many people do not feel comfortable putting a newborn to sleep in a crib as soon as they come. These pieces...
calm a hyperactive child
There are many ways to calm a hyperactive child. Sometimes, though, hyperactivity might just be a developmentally appropriate level of emotional regulation (Piaget Stages of Development). In other words, your child might not be able to calm herself down easily, once upset, or she might not be able to...
Like it or not, you stand a very good chance of being the benchmark by which your daughter(s) will judge all other men. It doesn’t really matter if the standard is that of a friend, co-worker, or life-partner. You are in possession of a unique opportunity to set her...
Parents have a lot of considerations to make before the birth of their newest addition, and one of the most important of all is where the baby will sleep. There are numerous sleeping options available on the market today, such as the classic crib, cot, and a co-sleeper, which...
LOVE IS THE FOOD OF THE SOUL,THE STRENGHT OF THE WEAK AND THE REASON FOR SACRIFICE... Our HEARTS often speak love, but only few do understand this language of our hearts. And only few out many can treat these our hearts with care when it come to the practicalization of...
warning signs of child abuse
Protecting our children is so important that we understand how to know the warning signs of child abuse. Children are precious but sometimes they get neglected and abused by the very ones that should be protecting them. Unfortunately, some children face bullies at school and/or abusive parent/guardians at home....
Love is light...Love is the way. Love is always the strength and power of anyone who is being loved especially while he/she is in despair. Love gives hope. It changes and transforms lives. It gives courage and a sense of belonging. Let the price you pay everyday for the progress...
Halloween has always been a great way to enjoy for children as well as adults. Attending themed parties and wearing weird costumes is indeed one of a kind experience. Kids Halloween parties are incomplete without children trying to scare their friends by wearing a frightening costume and acting accordingly...


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