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Rich people who give money to people in need & Millionaires lending money. From time to time we all need a helping hand and it’s good to know that there are plenty of millionaires out there that are really willing to help. If you have a genuine need and can show that you have fallen on hard times through no fault of your own then you could be eligible for free money from millionaires. If you need help with bills fast, need money today because you’re unemployed or just need help paying medical bills then there are millionaires giving away money.

Rich People Looking To Give Money Away

Rich and wealthy people really pride themselves of helping people, some self made millionaires know what it’s like to get a break and are willing to help people in similar circumstances. Do rich people give away money? Yes they do, for example Donald Trump paid off a man’s mortgage because he helped him change his flat tyre in the middle of the road! That’s how generous millionaires can be!

Rich People Who Give Money to People in Need – Is my need genuine? – Get money from millionaires

If you have ample savings and want to pull a fast one then you won’t get any money! Rich people are not stupid and know when you’re trying to pull the wool over their eyes. If you have a genuine need like money to complete your studies or to look after a loved one then there is a good chance that you will get recognized and rewarded. If you’re in financial despair and have asked everyone else for help getting money then you can turn to wealthy people who want to give money away.

Need Help With Money Problems - Ask Millionaires For Help

Need Money Today To Start a Business and Get Back on My Feet

If you have a great business idea and want to take your product to market then you should definitely contact the rich and wealthy people who give money away, concentrate on contacting entrepreneur millionaires who are self made such as Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and even Bill Gates. Avoid statements such as I need money now and begging for money as this is a turn off, you need to treat the rich people with respect.

Rich People Who Give Money to People in Need – How shall I contact these millionaires? – Asking millionaires for money

There are virtually hundreds of millionaires that you can contact on the internet for money. Before you start contacting these rich people who give money to people in need you will need to devise a strategy. If you have a genuine need then look for millionaires with a similar background to yours who may take a sympathetic view to your request. You can get free money from rich people however you have to put in the hard work first.

If you’re from the East End of London and have no education and want to make it big with an idea that you think will take the world by storm then you should contact millionaires such as Sir Alan Sugar, Sir Richard Branson & Bill Gates – these are the rich people who will give money to people who want to get themselves out of poverty using their business acumen.

If you just want a hand out and it’s clear that you’re lazy and need help with money problems then the chances of getting money now is low, free money from rich people is available but only to those who can help themselves.

Best Rich People Who Want to Give Away Money 2012 & 2013- Oprah Winfrey

Rich People Who Give Money to People in Need – Need to care for a loved one – Millionaires willing to give money

If you are looking after someone who needs constant attention and requires help around the clock then you should contact rich people such as Oprah Winfrey or Ellen DeGeneres. These two rich people who give money to people in need are the most generous you will find.

Oprah has helped countless people who were in desperate need! So if you have a story that will stir the heart you should definitely contact Oprah or Ellen. Even if you’re pregnant and need help with money Oprah & Ellen will give you the right advice to get back on your feet.

Rich People Who Give Money to People in Need – How to contact millionaires that give free money – Beg a millionaire for money

There are many ways to contact rich people who give money to people in need. You can email them or even write to them, all contact details are a Google search away and if you want can make a list of 10 millionaires who give free money away and contact them simultaneously. The more “rich people who give money to people in need” you contact the more your chances of success.

Help Me I Need Money – Best Way To Contact Millionaires

I would personally hand write a letter to the millionaire and then include a copy of my income and expenditure along with any bank statements to verify my claim, if I have a business plan then I would send this too. If you want to save money you could probably hand deliver to make it even personal, this will definitely impress the “rich people who give money to people in need”.

Best Rich People Who Want to Give Me Money 2012 & 2103- Ellen DeGeneres

Give Me Money Now For Free and Begging For Free Money Online Vs Asking Rich People for Money

Begging sites for money where people make statements such as give me money now for free and help me I need money are totally different to asking rich people for help, this is because you want to improve your circumstances as opposed to getting a handout.

Help Me I Need Money - Ask Rich People for Help

Rich People Who Give Money to People in Need – Keeping track of requests

I would recommend that you keep a spread sheet to track all your requests. You should normally get a request within 2 to 4 weeks depending on who you contact. Some responses will ask for more information and others might include check with a donation. You need to be patient and persevere when you contact “rich people who give money to people in need”.

Rich People Looking to Give Money Away

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