Rich Wealthy Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away for Financial Assistance


Did you know that there are a handful of millionaires that devote quite a lot of time giving money away? There are some millionaires who want to give money away to create jobs, boost the economy or offer financial assistance, establish grants, invest money, promote research, decrease poverty and support health initiatives. Wealthy rich people find it very rewarding to help others who want to improve their quality of life. Wealthy individuals donate money to support their philanthropic efforts, as well as to offset their tax burden.

Free Money For People in Need

The wealthy are consistently looking for ways to provide cash assistance and no-strings attached free money. If you are truly in need and need fast cash, you may qualify to receive money from some of these millionaires. Surprisingly there are many individuals that are getting by begging for money. On average these individuals will contact up to 10 millionaires at any given time, even if few respond then they look to make a handsome profit!

Best People Giving Away Money

Below you will find six top millionaires who want to give money away to help needy, low-income individuals. If you want help getting money fast or want to ask for free money now there are millionaires looking to give away money. Before you contact them you need to write to them and explain your current situation and how the money could really help them improve their quality of life and standard of living. Good Luck.

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is one of my favorite millionaires who want to give money away. Oprah Winfrey is the first on this list of many millionaires who want to give money away and has done wonders for her career and her chat show. Oprah is one of the most popular rich people that donate money, if you simply make statements such as give me free money or donate to me and you have a genuine reason then just might find the help to get money free.

Oprah Winfrey Giving Away Money For Free 2012 & 2013

How to Get Money Donation from Oprah

In fact, she gives away over 50 million each year by donating to charities, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. If you can prove to her that you are a worthy cause then she will definitely be willing to help you. She also holds a variety of sweepstakes and giveaways via her network and other conglomerates. Why do millionaires give away money? well they feel better about themselves and their wealth, it also improves their popularity.

I Need a Millionaire to Help Me – Ask Oprah

Oprah is always scouting the best ways to provide financial assistance to people who are truly in need. The Oprah Winfrey College Scholarship awards needy and minority students with money to complete their education. If you are looking to study and need the finance and are quite gifted and determined then there is a good chance that Oprah will help you. Additionally, she boards dozens of South African girls at her Leadership Academy.

Write to Oprah For Financial Assistance - Write to Oprah Winfrey Foundation for Financial Assistance

Also, Oprah may autograph objects for auction, so organizations, groups and even individuals can generate money for a worthy cause. The key to getting millionaires money like Ms Winfrey to help is to come across genuine and worthy of investment. Oprah loves to see people prosper and get out of poverty! If you have a determined positive attitude then you are very likely to get the money.

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: George Soros

George Soros is famous for kicking Great Britain out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1992 but there is more to the man than taking the British Government on. George Soros is not a millionaire sadly he is a billionaire investor that donates approximately $300 million each year to philanthropic causes. If I need free money and I have a genuine reason for help then this is one of the best billionaire who is giving away free money.

Find Rich People Giving Money Away

Its not hard to find rich people giving away money, in fact if you do a search you’ll find details of his foundation. In 2010, Soros announced that he will donate $100 million dollars over the next 10 years to an organization that conducts research on human rights and advocacy, known as the Human Rights Watch. Additionally, Soros is always on the lookout to donate money to populations in need. He gave millions of dollars to students in South Africa to help finish their college education.

Rich People Giving Away Money to Poor People in Need - Ask George Soros For Money

How to Contact a Millionaire for Help like George Soros

You can contact George Soros via his online foundation which he is aligned to. The best way to get money from George is to show that you are gifted and savvy. He likes people that are very much like himself and often rewards them handsomely. If you want to study to become like him then this is a great way to get financial assistance towards studying. This is definitely a contender for the best millionaires who wants to give money away to help others.

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: Bill Gates & Melinda Gates

This IT giant is one of the greats that has revolutionised the way we use our computer! Can you imagine a world without Microsoft Office? Bill Gates is a creator of Microsoft and arguably the world’s wealthiest human being. His wife and he established the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that donates to a handful of charities and causes, including feeding Africa, homelessness, vaccinations, tropical diseases, poor Americans and effective teaching.

Money Giveaway From Bill & Melinda Gates

His generosity spans the globe, while still offering financial assistance to the needy in the United States. While he generously donates to big causes like Africa he also has money set aside to help individuals too. If you are down on your luck and want money then this is a millionaire who is well worth considering.

Best Millionaires Giving Away Free Money to Poor People in Need

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: J.K. Rowling

It’s hard to imagine a world without Wizards and Warriors! J.K. Rowling is the famous author of the Harry Potter series who was once considered a billionaire; she is still very rich and wealthy. Rowling is very generous with her money and is one of the millionaires who want to give money away and is always on the lookout for good causes.

Rich People Who Give Away Money in the UK and the US

J.K. Rowling was once on UK Benefits raising multiple children of her own, so she knows a thing or two about needing grants and getting cash for assistance. In fact, she donates a lot of her money to a charity called One Parent Families. Additionally, Rowling established her own charity, the Volant Charitable Trust, which works to provide assistance to women, single mothers and children.

Pregnant and Need Help With Money

If you are a single mother or you’re pregnant and are looking to improve her position through education and training or have a bright idea to make money then J.K. Rowling is definitely worth contacting for money. For single mothers she is definitely a millionaire who want to give money away.

Asking Millionaires For Financial Assistance and Support to Poor People - Ask JK Rowling for Help

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: T. Boone Pickens

Another well established millionaire who is known for his oil and gas business but not for his philanthropist work is Mr Boone. Thomas Boone Pickens is a well-known gas and oil executive, financier and hedge fund manager. He is worth millions, if not billions, through his investing efforts. Throughout his years of work, he has created thousands of jobs and donated over a billion dollars to charities.

Millionaires Giving Away Money to Unemployed

Thomas Boone Pickens really supports those that are out of work and want to help themselves out of poverty, he is known for providing money for education and training. Among some of his philanthropic causes include entrepreneurship, medical and health research, education, social services, health and fitness and wildlife management. Mr. Pickens filters a lot of his donations through Oklahoma State University, his alma mater.

Top Millionaires Who Give Money Away To Poor People 2012 & 2013 - Get Financial Assistance from T Boone Pickens

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away

To summaries, there are lots of millionaires who want to give money away and if you ask them nicely enough you might get the cash you need to get yourself out of poverty. Oprah, George Soros, Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling and T. Boone Pickens are only a few of the wealthy that make money and are willing to donate cash for financial assistance.

To determine how you may benefit from these millionaires’ donations, go to their sponsored organizations’ websites. Make sure you draft your letter and explain your current situation and how the money would help them get out of poverty and financial despair.

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