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Start Upcycling Projects Instead of Recycling


We have all heard about recycling projects that we have used and are now obsolete. We can often find a few new ways of using them to extend their life. But what about products that are difficult to recycle? Have you ever considered upcycling them? Upcycling projects are great ways of transforming used objects into new, beautiful functional creations.

So What’s Upcycling, dog?

Upcycling is creative recycling – instead of discarding a used item, you can convert it to something useful or creative that you can use for an entirely new function or transform it into something nice to look at. Upcycled items help enhance our world and extend the life of resources that would otherwise turn into a net-negative for the planet.

Start Upcycling Projects Instead of Recycling

Reclaimed wood projects are some of the more popular examples of upcycling; transforming an old barn door into a kitchen table, or the magnificent flooring from a bowling alley, into a new desk.

Recycling is great, but it’s not always possible to recycle. When you clean your garage or homes, there are many of products that you may have to just throw and which could not be recycled. Have you ever thought of upcycling these products to something more useful and something that could add more beauty to your home and surrounding areas?

Upcycling projects require a little bit of thinking and creativity. You may view an object from different angles and an idea may pop up instantly. I shall share my experience in how I came up with this idea of mine.

Create Upcycling Projects from Useless Disposable Items

Cleaning up my home there were plenty of useless things that I threw away. When putting them in bags to be disposed of, these light bulbs caught my eye. When we dispose these, they get broken down and it is glass which may cause hurt to someone else working in the dump yards. Initially, I did not have an idea, but then I had my friends and cousins who were very much creative than me and while speaking to them, a captured in between the talks. That is how instant ideas come; you just have to be attentive.

I cleared the bulbs, cleaned them carefully, filled them with little water, and placed small plants in them. I hung them up in my balcony and you have beautifully created flowerpots that would not be found in any of your friends’ homes! You can also find DIY (do it yourself) easy ways of growing organic food without chemical poisons present in so many store bought goods.

Just need to be a little careful while doing it and placing it as it should not fall and create a mess for you later. Place small thin plants that do not have much weight. It is a beauty both for the eye and for the garden.

Upcycling in one reduces the waste and creates less of air and water pollution. It helps to preserve the personified energy that was originally used to make it, saves the strain on raw materials and above all makes you a star for the time, effort and thought you have put in.


Start Upcycling Projects Instead of Recycling
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