The 5 Most Common Traits of Likeable People


Everyone knows one or two of those people that always have a smile on their face and seem to know someone everywhere they go. They have a seemingly endless supply of friends and acquaintances. Everyone seems to enjoy seeing and talking to these people every time they see them. Others speak highly of these people and always recommend you chat with those people.

So what is it that everyone seems to like about these people, that makes them so highly regarded and respected? These popular and likeable people are out there and I know you know someone that fits this description. Everyone knows at least one of the likeable people. All of these people have some similar personality traits or characteristics of good people that help to make them the popular likeable people they are. If you are reading this you obviously are somewhat envious of these people and would like to be one of the likeable ones yourself.

Always positive

Likeable people all share a common trait of being positive no matter what the situation. Now this doesn’t mean they never have a negative thought in their head because they do. The difference between them and you is that you will most likely speak your negative thoughts were a likeable person will always put a positive twist on any situation or pull something positive out of the moment no matter how small. Sometimes it is just using a different word to describe a situation that takes a negative comment to just a comment or statement freeing them from saying something negative.

For example if you were fixing a door in your home because it was always sticking when trying to open it and maybe the job was not the easiest and you started getting frustrated and started talking negatively about the stupid door or possibly the person that caused the problem. A likeable person would most likely state that the job is quite challenging but they will get it done. Do you see the difference in how these two people talked about the same difficult task? It is all about how positive likeable people look at every situation and because it starts from within and it is up to you on what you say out of your mouth.

Always listen

Likeable people listen to you. They never cut you off when you are talking so they can say something. They wait until you are finished talking and then speak. The best conversationalists are the best listeners. Have you ever had a conversation with someone or tried to have one with someone who always cuts into almost every sentence you try to speak? It can get quite frustrating but a likeable person who knows how to listen will let you bud into their time to speak and let you finish.

They might even wait before they speak to make sure you have gotten out everything you needed to say. The next time you have a conversation try to listen more than you speak. Listen to what the others are saying, really listen to them and understand what they are saying. Once they are finished then take a couple of seconds and say what you have to say. If they cut you off and start talking just let them and again wait for them to finish before you start talking.

Always reliable

A likeable person is most always a reliable person always there when they say they will be there. Always getting done what they said they would get done. If they can’t do what they said they would do they will let you know that it won’t be possible for them based on what your expectations were. A likeable person will not tell you they will meet you for coffee and then just not show up, they will always give you a call to explain why they can’t make it and then make plans with you to reschedule. A likeable person will always be reliable whether they can do what they said they would do or not.

Always helpful

Likeable people or people with good character traits will always lend a hand. They will offer to help you with whatever it is you need help with. They will put you before themselves sometimes when they should be putting themselves first. This giving character trait in likeable people is very common and is one of the reasons everyone likes them. Whether you know it or not your relationships form because of what the other person can offer you in a friendship or relationship. If you think of one of your relationships with someone and ask yourself what it is that draws you to them and why, is it that you like them so much. You will more than likely find out that it is because of something they bring to the table in the relationship. It is not just because, because if it was just because then you really wouldn’t have much need for friends or relationships as much as you do.

Always caring

They genuinely care about others and don’t want to let anyone down or be mean to anyone. These likeable people sometimes get treated poorly by others because of the good people they are as others will take advantage. When they get treated poorly they don’t lash out at you for doing so they just decide that maybe you’re not having a bad day or maybe you misunderstood them or maybe they didn’t get their message across the way they really meant it. Instead of thinking what most would think which is “man are you an ass”. These people truly care which is why the other good characteristics above come naturally to them.

Bonus trait: Likeable people always smile. some people think if they have nothing to smile for then why should they smile but likeable positive people always find a reason to smile. It just comes naturally to them with all of the positive thoughts in their minds.

There you have it the 5 most common traits (and a bonus trait) and common characteristics of likeable people. If you follow these characteristics and try to improve yourself in these areas you will find in less than a year that more and more people will be drawn to you because without them knowing it you have some good characteristics that they desire which are you are always positive and you always listen to them, you are very reliable and helpful and your just such a caring person it’s addictive to them. It takes quite a bit of practice and patience but all of these traits are attainable and you can embed them in your personality so that you to have all of the most common traits of likeable people.