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If you are looking for the best millionaires who help people in need then look no further! Did you know there are many wealthy philanthropists, billionaires and rich & wealthy people who are prepared to help financially! They frequently give assistance and donation to low income families so they can get themselves out of poverty. So if you’re in financial turmoil, need help with finances, need money now or are down on your luck or just need a helping hand then who are the best millionaires who help people in need?

I Need Help With Money

You may be happy to know many people get by asking rich people for money and have a great standard of living and quality of life. The trick is to know who the best millionaires who help people in need are (Don’t worry! I have a Millionaires Help list below including foundations and grants). Sometimes if the wealthy person really feels sorry for you there might be immediate financial assistance as well as ongoing monthly income. Again the key to this is knowing the best millionaires who help people in need. In this article I will also provide sample letters to write to millionaires and millionaires email addresses.

I Want Help With Money

First things first, when you contact the best millionaires who help people in need is to write and compose a letter or personal email which really explains in detail your current situation. When contacting the rich or wealthy person you should keep the letter very professional and error free! Don’t just write ‘Help I need money now‘, instead explain your situation and ask kindly for money help. Another administrative task you need to adhere to is to make sure you keep a record of the best millionaires who help people in need so you don’t contact them twice as this might be seen as miking it. In the letter start by explaining what your financial hardship situation, this can be for example unemployment or personal injury.

Philanthropists That Want To Give Money Away 2012 & 2013

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Make sure you let the rich person know how you got there and how you intend to get out of it. I would definitely be as descriptive as possible and try and make the letter really personal and from the heart. It goes without saying, be completely honest and do not make stories up as they will check everything. If you really connect with the rich people and need help with money today you might get an instant donation.

Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Contact Prince Charles & The Princes Trust

If you have been made redundant and require financial assistance in training, college fees or if you have a carer and need money to care for that individual or just want help with surgery then these are some of the things that millionaires tend to provide money for. Start by providing as much information as possible and try and appeal to the goodness of the rich person as this will be used as the basis of your request. How to ask rich people for money is a common question and there are there are people who do give generously! Here is Prince Charles contact details who is one of the best millionaires who help people in need, contact him if you need free money for a genuine reason.

Millionaires Email Addresses: Enquiries relating to The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William or Prince Harry:
Clarence House Press Office
Clarence House
London SW1A 1BA
Tel: (+44) (0)20 7930 4832

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Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Contact Thomas Monaghan

Thomas Monaghan is another millionaire giving away money online, he founded Domino’s Pizza, which has turned him into a multi-millionaire. He has sold it gradually in pieces and has recently devoted much of his effort to philanthropic work. He is a devout Catholic, which funds Catholic community projects and other Catholic media and charities.

Additionally, his personal foundation helps fight disparities in South and Central America. Furthermore, he finances a $250 million school in Michigan, called Ava Maria University. If you need help with your finances then contact the Thomas Monaghan Charity Foundation.

People Who Give Money Away For Free 2012 & 2013

Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Contact Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is another millionaire that gives money to help people, he is a very successful businessman who is currently CEO of Berkshire Hathaway after studying value investing at Columbia. He is one of the World’s richest men and worth billions.

Buffet made a pledge of $31 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help improve education, healthcare and standards of living. Additionally, he has pledged billions to the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, NoVo Foundation and Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation, supporting a myriad of efforts ranging from conservation to reproduction.

If you need free money for a genuine need then contact both the Buffett Foundation.

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Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Ask Bernard Osher

Bernard Osher is another one of the millionaires that help people financially, he co-founded Golden West Financial with his sister. He started the Bernard Osher Foundation in which he has contributed well over $700 million. This foundation supports educational endeavors, integrative medicine and the arts.

Additionally, he oversees a scholarship fund that has awarded more than 50 scholarships to older learners who want learn for the joy and satisfaction of gaining knowledge. If you want this millionaires help then contact the Bernard Osher Foundation.

Billionaires Who Give Money Away 2012 & 2013

Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Ask Ellen DeGeneres for Financial Assistance

Writing Letters To Rich People

Do not just write a generic letter and don’t just say you need the money for something private. When contacting the best millionaires who help people in need try and be as open as possible and explain how the financial assistance will make a difference to your life. Once you have written your present circumstance you must write how much money you want or need. Provide a figure that is reasonable, do not be greedy and do not ask for small amounts.

When asking the best millionaires who help people in need you must ask for the amount that will really help, by being greedy you’ll be shooting yourself in the feet. If you have just lost your job and require money to retrain then give the amount as the cost of the course. Make sure you provide as much evidence as possible and official documentation like surgery letters always help. Here is Ellen DeGeneres contact details; she is another of the best millionaires who help people in need.

Millionaires Email Address: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Telepictures Productions
3000 West Alameda Avenue
Suite 2700
Burbank, CA 91523

Ask Ellen Degeneres For Money 2012 & 2013

Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Ask Jeff Skoll

Jeff Skoll is another of the people willing to help financially; he is the president of eBay, and has an estimated worth of over $5 billion. He is a well-known philanthropist that encourages entrepreneurial endeavors by donating monies to social entrepreneurship at Oxford University. Additionally, he started the Skoll Foundation in which he gave $250 million in eBay stock, and the foundation awards $30 million in grants each year. He also gave $7.5 million to Toronto University to help support a dual degree program for gifted individuals majoring in Engineering and Business. If you need money help today for education or training then contact the Skoll Foundation.

Millionaires That Give Money Away to Help Poor People

Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Ask Angeline Jolie for Financial Assistance

Guidance on Writing a Letter to the Rich Wealthy Person

Try to write both a letter and an email as this will mean you have a good chance of being read; try to explain how the money and financial assistance will help you get back on your feet and how much of a difference it will make to your life. Do not lie as this will not go down well with the best millionaires who help people in need, to get financial help from millionaires you need to show the utmost honesty.

Just explain how it will help and ask them to get back to you as soon as possible. If you are genuine then you will get help. Remember that these millionaires are not stupid and you need to be reasonable. Many people simply don’t get a donation because they just shout help need money! Here are Angelina Jolie’s contact details; this is one of the best celebrity millionaires who help people in need.

Millionaires Email Address:
Angelina Jolie
c/o Geyer Kosinski
955 South Carrillo Drive
Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Angelina Jolie can be contacted via twitter

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Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Ask Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.

Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr. is the chair of BP Capital Management, a hedge fund and takeover operation. He is an avid sports fan and donated over $165 million to athletics at Oklahoma State University. Other charitable efforts include giving to Meals on Wheels, the Red Cross and Children’s Hospitals. This past year Mr. Pickens gave $100 million to academics at his alma mater, Oklahoma State University, and donated a total of $700 million to charity. If you’re an athlete and need money now then align yourself with the Thomas Boone Pickens Foundation.

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Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Ask Oprah for Money and Financial Assistance

There many philanthropists and generous people, the key is knowing the best millionaires who help people in need. I have included their address within this article so that you can contact if you have fallen on tough times. Remember there are people out there that want to help and who give money away. Here is Oprah who is another of the best millionaires who help people in need.

Millionaires Email Address:
Oprah Winfrey
Harpo Studios, Inc.
1058 West Washington Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60607
Contact Oprah via her website.

Ask Oprah For Money 2012 & 2013

Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Ask Bill Ackman

Bill Ackman made his millions founding a hedge-fund firm, Pershing Square Capital Management. Ackman donates approximately $59 million each year to his Pershing Square Foundation, an organization that supports education, entrepreneurial endeavors and human rights.

This foundation funnels money to Root Capital, a non-profit entrepreneurial investment fund that lends money, host financial training and supports market connections in vulnerable countries, such as Africa and Latin America. Root Capital specifically caters to developing and growing small agricultural businesses.

Millionaires Who Help People in Need

Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Ask Ewing Kauffman

Ewing Kauffman was a mega millionaire that made his millions from his massive pharmaceutical company. He funnelled many of his millions into his foundation, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to foster individuals to become economically independent that engage and contribute to their community. The foundation has two primary focuses: 1) advancing entrepreneurship and 2) improving educational opportunities for youth.

There are three programs established to directly support individuals wanting to start up their own business one day. The Kauffman Global Scholars Program helps international entrepreneurship by bringing young entrepreneurs from international cultures to America.

The Kauffman Campuses initiative assists colleges and universities to make entrepreneurship education by allowing any student access entrepreneurial training. Additionally, FastTrac is a program that helps develop a business through a mentorship program by honing skills for managing, developing and creating a successful business.

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Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Ask Angel Capital Association

Angel Capital Association is an amazing organization that pairs budding entrepreneurs with millionaires and other successful entrepreneurs. Basically, the millionaires invest money in a budding entrepreneurial business for an equity share of the business and are appropriately called “angels.”

In 2008, angels invested more than $19 billion in over 55,000 starting businesses. Angels may invest anywhere between $5,000 to $100,000 and even more. If you are interested in learning how to become sponsored by an angel, go to the following website Angels.

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Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Ask George Soros

George Soros became a global financier after graduating from the London School of Economics. He has founded and chairs a myriad of organizations and foundations that provides financial support to the needy.

He strongly believes in an openly democratic society with a market-based economy to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit. Mr. Soros has personally donated more than $6 billion and more than $700 million were targeted at projects within the United States.

Asking Rich People For Money 2012 & 2013- Ask George Soros For Financial Assistance to Poor

Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Ask T. David Franklin

T. David Franklin earned his millions from real estate investment in the Maine, Maryland and New Hampshire markets. In 1989, Franklin wanted to encourage entrepreneurial growth, so he took out an advertisement in a local paper offering to give money to help people start their own business.

His ad read, ”Local millionaire will put you in business. Street people and welfare applicants can apply.” Applicants were required to submit a business plan. Franklin chose 15 want-to-be entrepreneurs to start businesses.

These businesses ranged from mail sorting for large corporations to blood sampling to housecleaning. Franklin offered not only money to help these individuals, but also offered to be a mentor and help manage the new businesses.

While Franklin no longer offers this opportunity, you never know when your local millionaire will be scouting to invest in your dream. Check out your local newspaper, craigslist ads and other advertising venues frequently to take advantage of any opportunity that may arise.

Best People Who Give Away Money to the Poor 2012 & 2013

Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Ask Bill and Melinda Gates

Bill Gates earned his billions by creating Microsoft products and becoming the CEO of Microsoft Corporation. He and his wife started the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has donated more than $40 billion to charity. Additionally, both Gates have pledged to give away 95 percent of their net worth to charity upon their death. These two are some the most philanthropic millionaires/billionaires on the planet.

Top Millionaires Who Give Money to Poor People 2012 & 2013- Financial Assistance from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Ask Ted Turner

Ted Turner is the founder of CNN, the highly popular news station. Additionally, Ted Turner is the biggest single landowner in the United States, owning more land than any other person. Mr. Turner recently pledged to give over $1 billion to the UN. He also founded the Turner Foundation, the Turner Endangered Species Fund and the Capital Planet Foundation.

Write To Millionaires Asking for Financial Assistance to the Poor - Ted Turner

Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need 2013 – Ask Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is most notably known for becoming the 108th Mayor of New York City. After attending Johns Hopkins and Harvard, Bloomberg created Bloomberg LP. As a result of this successful endeavor, Bloomberg donates over $140 million each year to education, healthcare, social services and the arts. He primarily focuses on donating this money in the New York City area.

When contacting the best millionaires who help people in need you must be completely honest. If you are holding back any information then the money will be withdrawn or requested back. You need to be completely truthful about the need and you must use the money for what you asked for. Never ask for money and then spend it on something else, this will be deception and you will be back with the same problem, instead use the money to get yourself out of trouble and into a new beginning.

Best Millionaires Who Give Money Away to Poor People in Need 2012 & 2013

Here is a sample letter that you can use, make sure you make subtle changes so it will look original.

Sample Letter – Best Millionaires Who Help People in Need.

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope it finds you well. Regretfully I have fallen on hard times. I have been made redundant from my job as a financial advisor and have lost most of my money after bankruptcy. I have a family of 4 to support and have little income to maintain their needs. I would be grateful if you could provide me with financial assistance in the sum of $1000 so I can enrol in a IT course which has a guaranteed job at the end. Your generosity would make such a difference to my life. …….

Thank You

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