Wealthy And Famous People Giving Away Money To The Poor


People Giving Away Money to the Poor

The list of people giving away money to the poor is endless because there are very many famous celebrities today who willingly give out their money to help the poor on a regular basis. David Rockefeller, George Lucas and Bill Gates are just but a few of some of the famous icons who own the world so to speak but do not let their wealthy status prevent them from being a blessing to the poor. The internet can provide you with the more elaborate list of people and philanthropists giving away money to the poor.

Supporting Charity

Most of the people giving away money to the poor make their kind donations to charities and other organizations that are directly involved in taking care of the poor and generally improving the living conditions of the less fortunate people in the society. These donations first and foremost are used to ensure that the needy people are well provided with basic needs; food, shelter and clothing so that they can at least maintain a decent lifestyle. The funding in addition go a long way in improving the lives of the poor by enabling them to get hold of educational opportunities to prepare them for the job market so that they can take care of themselves thereafter. In concise form, donations from people giving away money to the poor cater basically for all the unmet financial needs that poor people have.

What’s the motivation?

Giving huge amounts of your own hard earned money to the poor might not always be as easy and it’s really people with a kind heart who can happily make such handsome donations. While as far as the motivation to do so is pretty much an individual secret many of the people who give away money to the poor attribute their kind heartedness to their humble backgrounds, coming from equally poor families hence understand how onerous it can be to cope with the pressures of life, when you’re poor.

Can I receive individual funding?

The truth is as much as there are many wealthy people giving away money to the poor not all destitute people may get the financial boost that they need in their time of need. Additionally most of the rich people who regular make donations to help the poor do not often give their money to individuals but rather to organizations and charities. However it is not impossible for you to receive individual funding. One of the things that you ought to do is to publicize your story if you are in a really bad situation and require some kind of financial help to get out of it. Approach perhaps a newspaper company or television station and try to convince them to get your story publicized. Secondly you can join some of the foundations around specifically designed to help the poor. Such foundations normally receive funding from people willing to give away money to the poor and they in turn channel the money to their members depending on their specific needs who are usually poor individuals.

Nonetheless we all do not have to be super rich to give out money to the poor. In most occasions the small donations that we give always make a difference in other people’s lives. So as long as your heart tells you to, go ahead and make yourself one of the people giving away money to the poor.