10 air purification plants for homes and offices


Outside air is cleaner and preferable to the indoor air. Why? One reason is that trees and plants are constantly cleaning the outside air. It sounds reasonable to go out and buy plants for the home or office … but what? This “green” wave, each plant in the market is being promoted as an air purifier!

Luckily NASA has conducted an official study on the 10 major air purification plants and assigned to each a score based on its ability to eliminate chemical fumes, insect resistance, and ease of maintenance.

Areca palm – NASA Purifying Score: 8.5

It is the air purification plant TOP classified by NASA. MetaEfficient called it as “the most efficient plant humify Adora air.” The Areca lutescent or Chrysalidocarpus manages to keep your home or office moist during dry seasons, in turn removing toxins from the air. In winter, you can even replace the use of electric humidifiers.


Bamboo palm – NASA Purifying Score: 8.5


Hand in hand with the Areca palm, NASA gave the lofty bamboo or palm Rhapis the best rating as air purifying plant. Being a versatile plant can live in wet or dry climates (between -6 degrees and 37.5 degrees Celsius) and is highly resistant to most insects.



Bamboo palm – NASA Purifying Score: 8.4


The Bamboo Palm Chamaedorea or seif riz ii. TOP 2 is ranking as air purifying plant. Highlighted in CasaSugar.com ‘s as “purifying plant” must maniverse damp (not wet) with indirect sunlight. Given these conditions, it manages to purify the air everywhere.



10 air purification plants for homes and offices
10 air purification plants for homes and offices

Romero – NASA Purifying Score: 8.0


The rubber tree or Ficus robusta is fourth in the ranking. According AvianWeb, these plants are excellent for removing chemical toxins indoor air (especially formaldehyde) and requires less light than many others. One caveat: its leaves can be toxic, so be careful if you have pets that chew leaves.



Dracaena – NASA Purifying Score: 7.8


Dracaena or decrements ranks fifth in the ranking of NASA. Bright and radiant, the Dracaena purifies the air where it is put.



NASA Purifying Score: 7.8


WebMD describes the English ivy Hedera as “a solution for allergies,” noting that 60% suspension of mold in the air in a room disappeared in just 6 hours after putting this plant … especially for people with asthma, allergies or the desire to breathe clean …



Dwarf palm – NASA Purifying Score: 7.8


While it is not within the first elected, the dwarf palm or Phoenix roe Belin ii remains a very effective and elegant means of reducing the concentration of chemical toxins floating in the air.



Ficus Alii – NASA Purifying Score: 7.7

Or Ficus The ficus all mac leylandii, while not as powerful in removing toxins and other plants help to purify any environment where there is a lack of clean air. One caveat: It is recommended to wear gloves when handling the plant if you have allergies to latex.



Boston fern – NASA Purifying Score: 7.5


Boston fern Nephrolepis or exalts is ninth in the ranking NASA purification plants. MetaEfficient.com calls it “more efficient filtration plant” because it requires less time to expel the toxins and indoor air.



Spathiphyllum NASA Purifying Score: 7.5


Finally, the peace lily or Spathiphyllum up. This cleansing of toxins in indoor plant needs plenty of water and only moderate sun.


By: EsamPim