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10 Best Biceps Exercises to Build Huge Arms with Video Instructions


Summer is fast approaching and if your like me you haven’t done much exercising this winter so now is the perfect time to get working on your arms to start building muscle so your arms are bursting out of your sleeves by summer. Of course this article is geared more towards men but women can definitely benefit from these exercises to tone and build their arms. Biceps are a relatively small muscle but are right up front and center when you wear a short sleeve shirt so they are noticed more than most other muscles. Most people are impressed by well developed bicep muscles. So like I said summer is coming and it is time to dress to impress so let’s get started.

Here are 10 Biceps exercises I have great experience with and highly recommend you give a try. Of course you don’t want to do every exercise in one workout as that will just lead to over training. I recommend trying 2 maybe 3 each workout and find the ones that give you a good pump and you enjoy performing. With each exercise I recommend performing 2 or 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. You shouldn’t be able to perform a 13th rep. If you can then you need to increase the weight slightly. On the other end of this if you cannot complete 8 reps then the weight is to heavy and you need to lighten it a bit.

Please have a look at each instructional video to learn how to perform each exercise properly.

1) EZ bar curl is a great exercise for building biceps without putting too much stress on the inner elbow area because of the angle of the exercise. You have to have an EZ curl bar to perform the exercise and if you don’t have one purchasing one is very reasonable.

2) The wide grip standing barbell curl is a premier mass builder. Make sure not to swing the bar to lift it. This exercise should not be missed in your muscle building routine for biceps.

3) Close grip standing barbell curl is another must in building huge arms. This exercise will put more stress on the outer part of your biceps where the wide grip version stresses the larger inner head of your biceps more so.

4) Dumbbell hammer curls are a great way to tone and build the outer head of the biceps. Performing this exercise with barbell curls is a powerful combination.

5) Dumbbell concentration curls is a good exercise that does not take a lot of weight to really work your arms hard. Keeping this movement under control at all times and moving slowly will have your arms bulging in no time.

6) Standard barbell curl. Same as the wide grip and narrow grip except now you will have a shoulder width grip. This curl works all of your biceps.

7) Standing alternating dumbbell curls are similar to doing barbell curls but your biceps work independently not counting on the stronger arm to pick up the slack. Take your time and squeeze these ones out at the top of the movement.

Standing alternating dumbell curls

8) Incline dumbbell curls lying on a bench will give you a stretch like you have never felt before. Make sure not to go to heavy with this one or you might hyperextend your elbow.

Incline Dumbell Curls

9) Dumbbell or barbell preacher curls are usually done in the gym because most people don’t own a preacher bench. If you do however you must do this exercise. Alternatively if you are a member of a gym then you probably have access to a preacher bench. Make sure to check this exercise out. You don’t have to use very much weight for this one. Again going slow is key.

Dumbbell Preacher curls

10) Reverse grip barbell curl is a great way to combine biceps and forearms training to give you a strong and powerful look in your arms. Make sure not to swing the barbell in this exercise. Don’t swing it in any exercise actually or you are risking injury and not benefiting fully from the exercise.

Reverse Barbell Curls

 10 Best Biceps Exercises to Build Huge Arms with Video Instructions
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