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10 Best Ways to Keep Your Woman Happy

Have you ever heard the saying happy wife happy life? As goofy as you might think that saying is, it is probably truer than you realize.
So what am I talking about here you ask? What I am talking about is making or keeping your current female partner happy.
The reason I am telling you this is because most guys seem to forget to do that once they get the girl they want and they wonder why she stops acting the way she used to when you were first dating.
Well my friend the answer is plain and simple. The reason females stop acting the way they used to when you first met is because you stop acting the way you used to when you first met her. It is that simple.
Now think about that for a moment. What kinds of things did you used to do or say to your woman when you were first courting her?

Let’s try this in list format.

10 things you used to do
1) You were always on your best behaviour, always polite, never swearing, burping or passing gas in front of her.
2) You were always the perfect gentleman, opening doors for her, always thinking of her first.
3) You would bring her flowers just because.
4) You were very affectionate physically and verbally always telling her how beautiful she looked and always cuddling and holding hands.
5) You were the most attentive you could possibly be with someone.
6) You talked to her telling her everything that was going on in your life and you asked her all about what was going on in hers.
7) You showed interest in her interests. Watching Sex and the City with her even if there was a football game on.
8) You made sure you were always clean shaven and smelling great with the sexiest smelling cologne on you could find.
9) You took her out for dinner and or a movie.
10) You were funny and showed appreciation for everything in your life.
Happy wife happy life

Now some guys will say that the things I have listed are things you have to do to find a woman. Those guys would be partially correct. Yes you should do those when first meeting a woman and you should keep doing those things for the rest of your life. Your woman fell in love with the gentleman you once were, so that is the man you must be to keep her. Sorry but it is true. I don’t write the rules I just follow them.
It took me many years to see it myself but once I realized what was going on I corrected it I now have a fabulous relationship. Now to correct the things I commented on above I will give you suggestions in the same order in list form.

10 Things You SHOULD be DOING

1) Always be on your best behaviour. Be polite (Please and thank you go a long way). Definitely do not burp or pass gas in front of your woman if you can avoid it, save it for the guys.
2) Be a perfect gentleman. Open the door for her. Take care of her any way you can.
3) Buy some flowers for her. Chocolates are great too, stop being a cheap ass.
4) Hold her hands when out walking. Put your arm around her when sitting somewhere. Cuddle.
5) Be attentive understanding and patient.
6) Talk to her. Ask her how her day was. Ask her what she thinks of something. Show interest.
7) Again show interest but this time show interest in her interests like watching shows like Sex and the City even if there is a ball game on. You can tape the game and watch it later.
8) Primp. Clean yourself up and always look your best. You could probably use some new clothes or better yet put on the clothes she has been bringing home for you.
9) Take her out for dinner, coffee, something. Better yet ask her if she would like to make an ongoing date night every two weeks or once a month, whatever works for your schedule and budget.
10) Stop being grumpy. Put a smile on your face and keep it there. Appreciate the fact that someone wants to spend their time with you. Appreciate everything life has to offer. Life is a beautiful thing so start enjoying it.

It seems like a lot of work but it really isn’t. Instead of acting one way you just act another. That’s it.
You will be a better person for it and by acting in these ways every part of your life will get better. You will be a much happier and successful person. Even better is that once you change how you act it won’t be long after that you will see how your partner changes as well.

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