10 Commandments of the Logo Designing World

An ideal logo displays a touch of magic — grabbing attention, making a statement, and etching itself into memory. Quality of the logo depends upon the professional you hire to design your brand identity. Well, here’s just the information you need to get the best results from hiring your first successful Logo designer.

1. Review Portfolio.

Every Logo design Company show portfolio on their website. But when you review portfolio, look for a general design style that you like, not necessarily whether they have lots of experience within your particular industry.

2. Verify Portfolio.

This is especially true if you’re reviewing design companies or firms. Make sure that the designers who are still on staff created the work that you really admire.

3. Communicate with designer.

Having an actual conversation with them can really help. Make sure you can communicate well with each other. If you each have very similar styles of communication, levels of energy, or enthusiasm about the project, then the project will most likely run very smoothly.

4. Review their ability.

Reviewing their ability becomes especially important if you’re hiring a logo designer —make sure the designer is qualified to provide you with all the technical components you’ll need. Make sure you’ll be able to get what you need.

5. Know the process.

Find out how they plan to execute on the work that you’d like to have done. Ask what the designer needs you to do, what you’ll be asked to review and approve, how decisions are made, and how they’re made final.

6. Check their turn-around time.

Make sure that it’s in line with the turn-around time that you expect throughout the project. Turn-around time here can also indicate the designer’s level of excitement about your project.

7. Review the Rights.

Make sure that you have the copyright that you want. Think as far into the future as possible—you want to make sure that you’ll have what you need as your business grows. You don’t want to have to come back to your designer and re-negotiate your rights in a few years!

8. Make sure that you get what you expect

Most of the Logo designers don’t plan to include final files in their deliverables to you—if you want to have the original files delivered to you along with printed collateral or the final files uploaded to your web server, make sure the designer knows that up-front. It may change the pricing.

9. Be Practical about Schedule.

Allocate enough time for your project to be completed—rush jobs never turn out to be as good as they could be if enough time were allotted. An average custom logo design project takes weeks, not days!

10. Be clear about revisions.

Sometimes, the web or logo designers include a set number of revisions in their project packages. Make sure that you understand what constitutes a revision, how many you’ll get and what happens once they’re all used up.