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10 Considerations For Choosing A Swimming Pool Builder

It is essential that you have carefully selected your swimming pool builder, as this will ensure that the project goes off without a hitch and that the finished product is everything you dreamed of. In order to help you make your selection, we have outlined the top 10 considerations that you need to make:

1.    Unique Designs
Keep in mind that there are various pool designs to choose from, so ensure that they can provide you with one that you are interested in. They include: negative edge, lap, infinity, indoor, inground, sloping block, free form, plunge, courtyard, glass edge and out of ground.

lap-pool-emily-st-brighton-032.    Quality Construction
You need to ensure that the builder employs quality construction, as you want to ensure that the pool provides you with many years of enjoyment. What sort of warranty do they offer on the product itself? What about their workmanship? See what others are saying about them.

3.    Coping & Decking
In order to finish your project, you will need coping and decking to surround your pool area. This will provide your family and friends with a safe place to walk, as well as giving you an area to include seating and even an outdoor dining setting.

4.    Fencing
It is a legal requirement that your pool be surrounding with a fence before it is filled with water. Whilst you can certainly contact another company to do this for you, having your builder handle the fencing can ensure that the project gets finished much faster.

5.    Cleaning & Maintenance
Is the swimming pool builder able to assist with cleaning and maintenance? To keep the shell looking as good as new, you need to outfit an appropriate cleaning system (such as a creepy crawly). Every now and then, it’s also an idea to have the shell professionally serviced.

6.    Lighting
If you plan on swimming at night, the area needs to be fitted with proper lighting so that you can see. Your builder should be able to install lighting during the construction stage – whether the lights are embedded in the shell for underwater illumination or around the edge.

7.    Renovations
If you already have a pool but it’s seen better days, you might be instead be interested in a renovation. A builder who can provide both services is highly sought after, as you can rest assured that the finished product will look nothing like the old and offer a great experience.

8.    Council Permits
Does the builder obtain relevant council permits and insurances or do they expect you to do this? We always recommend choosing one who will handle these things for you, as they can be quite complex and they will know exactly what they’re doing.

9.    Inspections & Advice
The builder should come out to your property to inspect the site prior to any discussions about design and contracts. Once they have seen the site, they will be able to offer advice and suggestions about the most appropriate design and how they can achieve it.

10.    After Sale Service
The last thing you want is a builder who disappears once construction is complete – what if you notice a problem in a few days, a few months or even a few years? It’s important to determine what sort of after sales service is offered and get this in writing.

We hope that the above list of considerations has enabled you to choose a swimming pool builder who is able to meet your requirements with ease. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that this isn’t a cheap expense so you need to get the choice right the first time around.

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