10 Cool Tricks Hidden Inside Google Maps

You might have been using the Google Maps for navigation purpose already. However, with the latest enhancements and improvements you need to know more about it. This article explains you about 10 cool tricks that you can apply on Google Maps.

The Maps by Google is said to be far better in providing accurate navigation and other services as compared to other Maps. However, with numerous variations and changes made to it there are things that you might just miss out.

Given here are ten cool tricks that will help you uncover Maps.

Search functionality

The major changes and enhancements that are made to the Maps left it with just a search box. However, now it is relatively easier to perform searches and even fetch you accurate results. Whenever, you want to look up for something you can simply enter the relevant keyword, and you will be greeted with options. While searching for a specific place, you have the option of entering the coordinates that include latitude and longitude. When you attempt to type in keywords, the relevant suggestions start appearing.

Dragging directions

The directions are based on where you start and where you intend to end your journey. You will be offered several options related to your direction. To avoid a certain route you can drag and drop the dots manually, and the map will re-route it for you. When you hover on the blue route, a white dot will appear. Drag the dot to get alternate directions towards your destination.

Local Search

When the address relevant to the place start appearing on screen, your queries too will start giving results that will also appear on the map. You can zoom in for better results or see more by zooming out of it. You can take the liberty of checking out specific places that can include restaurants and hotels. If you want you can even search using keywords like family fun or search related to activities like gallery, music concert or indoor activities. The area selected by you will start showing up results that match it.

OK Maps

Using the option of Ok Maps, you can cache the current location on the map in your mobile apps. This utility helps you in storing specific sections that can be used offline.


If you are looking for share option then you can only go with copying the URL and forwarding it to another user. After placing a pin on the map, you can tap and share it with another. This option of share varies upon the apps that you are using. The location will be copied to clipboard if you already have it in your device.


If you want to view everything for a given area using Maps by Google then use the (*) asterisk sign to begin searching. Just enter the sign in the search box and then you need to click the search button or hit the Enter key. The locations that are recommended by the Maps will bear yellow halo. Remember to zoom in to get a specific recommendation related to the place.

Double-tap to zoom

Using the Maps app for Mobile option is interesting but you would want to use it with one hand. The biggest trouble is using the Zoom functionality without engaging both of your hands. Double-tap anywhere on the screen, now without releasing your finger slide up to zoom in and down to zoom out. Even if, you are an iOS user you can still use this shortcut as it is not limited to Android users.

Redraw the Maps

The Map Maker is available to the US and UK users only that helps in improving the map. You can add a location and make other edits to the Google Map. It helps you improve the maps and provide accurate directions to another user. You can make modifications, but these need to be improved by Google moderators before they are made live. You can log into the Map Maker and check out other such changes initiated by other users.

Use Google+

While using the Google+ circles, go to your circles that will help you discover more about a given place. You can use your circle for more information upon anything that can be firsthand experience of a place or review about something.

Locating postal addresses

Go to the Search box and click on any street where you will see that the options displayed have ZIP code and address related to it. Mark the place on the map and use the Street View for seeking directions to the place. You can alternatively use the ‘Explore’ option to know more about the area.
Using the above-mentioned tricks you can utilize the Google app for Maps to your benefit.