10 Critical Steps for a Successful Salesforce Training Program

Salesforce Training

Does your organization’s Salesforce training implementation plan consider following serious steps? If ‘NO’, mind it you need to look back and evaluate again how these steps are going to hinder or help in your organization’s growth curve!

Salesforce Training

1. You need to build a Salesforce training team. People of this team should be able to visualize you the result of the implementation of the plan successfully. What you need is to have a very clear understanding of the goal keeping in mind your organization’s ability. So, always be with your colleagues and build up a cordial relation with your external partners.

2. Select the key figure. The role of the system administrator of your organization is of great importance in making the successful implementation Customer Relationship Management plan. So, it is the most critical step to choose and select the administrator for the Salesforce training program.

3. Maintain and obtain support of executives for Salesforce training project. Support and sincere participation of executives from the stage of planning to its implementation is of great importance for the success of Salesforce training program.

4. Identify the person able for the outsource help. Organizations which are small or mid-sized need guidance and support from outside. This is an important step for the implementation of Salesforce training program. You need to find the most ideal partner.

5. Take small steps at a time. Do not be in hurry; you would not be able to achieve everything overnight. Out of excitement to build up a new system in a hurry you may attract many unmanageable hurdles and get swayed. Remember you must break the whole project into phases so that you may plan properly and manage every phase wisely. Slow but steady wins the race.

6. Choose the best technology which is able to meet your requirements. You need to maintain proper database. If the database you are using cannot support the needs the business processes of your organization, you must search an alternative for it. Salesforce training program must include a complete review of the business process and the correct workflow to be incorporated and be ensured that you have paid sufficient consideration to it. If the Salesforce implementation is done in an unplanned manner there would be complete chaos and big problems would arise in the coordination among the sales, marketing and service teams. In such circumstances you may find very soon that you are in a situation which is just opposite to what you desired.

7. Remember very few people are prepared to welcome any change. Even if the Salesforce training program is very much well designed, remember it would take some time for people to accept the new system with smile in their faces. There may be lots of complaints. So, prepare yourself to face various challenges.

8. Do not be very rigid, rather have sufficient flexibility in making changes during implementation phase of Salesforce training program. Prepare to accept various newer ideas for better processes. You may, after initial launching of the program, find necessity of some changes in the original plan for better application and growth. You must be flexible enough to review the whole system and make necessary changes, if beneficial.

9. Test before switching over. Prepare a team to test the new system using real data from the existing system and make sure the correct functioning of the new system.

10. Be fast in providing results. Do not be so slow in building Salesforce training program such that it loses its relevance by the time of going live.

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