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10 Easy Tips on How to Fight Off the Common Cold

The cold season is just around the corner and there are more reasons now why you should know how to treat your body well against common colds. Contrary to popular beliefs, there is really no cure in medications form that battle against common hold. In this article, let us discuss tips on how to ease the symptoms and fight it off before it hits your immune system and gets to you in the first place.

1. Take Honey

Many diseases and illnesses can be solved by honey, surprisingly. Many popular studies result in a finding that about one to two teaspoons of honey works wonder as a treatment for nocturnal cough and also common colds.

2. Don’t Stress Yourself

If you’re beset with problems and a heap of work to do, make sure to take rest as necessary. Remember that your mind and body cannot function in its optimal performance if you are too stressed. This affects your health in a dismal manner and lead to sicknesses as your body becomes weaker. Other serious effects are depression and anxiety.

3. Sleep Well

You need help if you cannot sleep well. Consult with a doctor to treat sleep problems immediately, as your body cannot fight off the virus, it accumulates outside if you are not gaining enough sleep. Depriving yourself of a good night’s sleep is critical to health specifically to your immune system. Don’t neglect the importance of sleep to get better quickly. Also, it helps to get on to bed on time.

4. Hydrate and Rehydrate

Drinking eight glasses of water every day may be too much for some people but at least taking six glasses would be ideal to prevent common colds. This is because your body needs fluids to break up congestion and keep your throat moist. This part of the body is often the first target of common colds, so just continue hydrating but don’t go overboard as well as too much water may adversely affect your health.

5. Gargle with Salt Water

You don’t need to live beside the beach or go to one to get salt water. Simply add two tablespoons of salt into a cup of warm water and gargle it three times a day preferably. This is a great solution that matches medicine for cough and cold as it helps to loose irritating mucus and alleviate throat pain. Furthermore, it can help prevent colds. Just be careful to spit out the mixture and don’t swallow the water.

6. Take Vitamin C

We have known it since we were younger as parents and doctors often advise to take Vitamin C either in the form of tablets, fruit juices or food. The effectiveness of Vitamin C can relieve the symptoms of colds, flu and other virus-induced respiratory conditions.

7. Get Active with Cardiovascular Exercises

Get regular and moderate cardiovascular exercise to ward off common viruses. If you feel too sick to work it out though, do not try to push through and instead take a respite once in a while.

8. Wash Your Hands Frequently

Washing your hands frequently with soap and water does not make you become virus-free at all times, but this is your second-best protection against getting flu and common colds. Since you cannot see the tiny germs that might contain contagious diseases in the things around you, it will be easy for the virus to transfer and transmit via touching. Potential harmful germs would be warded off to spread further if you stop them by hand-washing.

9. Get a Dose of Vitamin D

Getting Vitamin D directly from the sun or eating food that’s rich in Vitamin D such as salmon, shrimps and eggs prove to be extra effective when fighting off the common cold. If you can walk about 20 minutes every day between five and seven in the morning under the sun, you will be able to strengthen your immune system by this simple act.

10. Get a Body Massage

In relation to easing down stress, getting a body massage will help to treat your body and decrease the risk of catching a cold since you will have less physical and psychological stress. Studies indicate that people who experience chronic stress that lasts at least a month are more likely to catch a cold than those with acute stress.


At this point, you may have realized that steps on preventing the common cold and even fighting it off are simple and easy. However, most of us tend to forget or are just too lazy to get them done. Health should be at the top of our priority since having common colds can be really frustrating and taxing to our everyday activities.

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