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10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight In One Week Without Workouts


Obesity is a serious problem; 2 in 3 adults in the U.S. are considered overweight or obese. Finding easy ways to lose weight is important to get started feeling and living fitter lives. For many cultures, our lives are more sedentary, and people are eating faster, fatter, sugar-rich foods that can lead to a whole host of health problems including heard disease and diabetes. The quality of many people’s lives are measured in how fit and healthy they feel and how others see them as well.  You have to be focused and determined during workouts regimes or healthy ways to lose weight. Recommended Reading: Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body 10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight In One Week Without Workouts

The easiest of our 10 easy ways to lose weight

1. Drink Enough water- Drink water before your daily meal because a glass of water can make you full which ultimately helping you in losing some weight. Not only there is reduce in weight by drinking lot of water, it also helps to keep freshness on your face and you can stay away from diseases for a long time.

2. Set your achievable goals- Set your goals towards weight loss program. You can burn your weight up to 2 pounds in a week easily. Maintain the weight for six months before doing a losing weight program again.

3. The 10-minute technique- According to surveys, average cravings last for only 10 minutes. Reflect on when you have an urge to indulge and give yourself an extra 10 minutes of consideration before giving in. In the interval of that 10 minutes you can do other things like household or office works before eating.

4. Eat frequently- Snacks are helpful in losing weight. You will gain energy boost in frequent light meals, you will also have a better mood, speedy metabolism, and better digestion.

5. Indulge yourself- Treat yourself occasionally, especially after you lose some weight. Indulge yourself two times in 21 meals, you won’t feel relapsed using that technique.

6. Make weekly pledge- Don’t ever try overeating during overnight. Do not rush diet changes to avoid frustration. Make gradual changes like giving up ice cream for the first week, then give up beer, then soda and the pudding next. One diet change a week is healthy and more realistic.

7. Take one-third off- Whenever you eat out outside, always try to take aside one-third food from your meal, ask a waiter to pack that leftovers for your home. Even at home, serve yourself 1/3 less of your usual serving. You will be free of 500 calories a day through this simple technique.

8. Use salsa sauce in your meals- Salsa sauce usually refers to the spicy, often tomato based, hot sauces typical of Mexican and Central American cuisine. It is savory with no fat. Mix it with little low-fat yogurt to prepare tuna salad. Salsa’s great on veggie burger, its also good with fish or chicken.

9. Begin with 10 percent- You must be determined and focused if you really wanna lose your weight. Start gradually with a long term goal in your mind. One goal at a time will ensure you of success in losing weight. Losing the first few pounds has the most effective health gains as well.

10. Avoid Alcohol, Junk Foods- Avoid alcohol, as it contains high-calorie level. A glass full of beer contains nearly 150 calories and a wine glass contains 85 calories. Also, you have to avoid junk as much as possible like Burger, Pizza, roadside food. So, if you really want to lose weight, just drink water when you’re thirsty. Clean living is one of the greatest healthy and easy ways to lose weight.

What Techniques Can You Share About Easy Ways to Lose Weight?

Have you found successful techniques for losing weight? If so, let others know your tips or techniques for dropping a few pounds or keeping them off.

 10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight In One Week Without Workouts
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