10 Facts About Chocolate

Interesting Chocolate Facts

Chocolate has long been thought of as ‘food of the gods’. On many occasions it has been received and given as a gift. It’s loved the world over. Below are 10 facts about chocolate:

The Origin of Chocolate

Theobroma cacao is a tree that yields beans and pods that become chocolate. It’s understood to have been farmed in South America located in the Amazon Basin about 4000 years ago. Around 1000 B.C Southern Mexico Olmecs tribes are accounted the earliest written of using chocolate.

The First Chocolate Bars

In Mexico sometime around the 1700’s chocolate was first made into an edible, solid food. Two British companies in the 1840’s, Fry and Sons and Cadbury, began to produce edible chocolate. Cadbury remains the most popular chocolate in the UK and in many countries around the world.

How to Pick the Best-Tasting Chocolate Bar

The chocolate bars that are best-tasting look even and shiny. Its only smell should be like chocolate. Hold and bend the corner of the bar. A portion must snap off neatly with little crumbs. It must feel rich and creamy, and dissolve in your mouth.

The Chocolate’s Shelf Life

The shelf life of a bar of chocolate is about one year. It can be placed in a freezer and be kept practically forever. However, dark chocolate is different the outside colour turns whitish.

Valentine’s Day First Box of Chocolate

In the year 1861 Richard Cadbury invented the first box of chocolates that were heart-shaped. Seven years later, Cadbury began producing them in mass, and, today, several companies manufacture them.

Chocolate Was Testified as Being ‘Healthy’

Henry Stubbe was a physician in 1632-1676 who believed drinking chocolate at least once or twice a day was an excellent remedy for fatigue instigated by hard work. Stubbe also considered chocolate to be beneficial to the heart and will help in increasing production of breast milk in women.

The Largest Chocolate Bar

Guiness World Book of Records stated that, the biggest chocolate bar tipped the scales because it weighed 5,026 pounds. It was manufactured in March 2000 by Elah-Dufour of United Food Companies in Turin, Italy.

The Food That dissolves In Your Mouth

Ever questioned why chocolate candies dissolve in your mouth? The lowest melting stage of cocoa butter is 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Your mouth’s temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

America’s Favorite Flavour Is Chocolate

Americans prefers this flavour above vanilla and anything else.

Chocolate could Make You Feel Good!

Chocolate comprises a chemical identified as phenylethylamine. In addition to the sugar the phenylethylamine, caffeine and fat that’s discovered in chocolate has been proven to release endorphins and serotonin – two identified chemicals that make you feel happy!?