10 Fun Things to Do in the Winter

When summer ends and the snow starts to fall, don’t get depressed. This winter, make the most of the snow and get outside for some great winter fun. There are all sorts of things you can do in winter that just aren’t possible in summer without the snow. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is a great way to enjoy the ice, whether it be a frozen pond or lake or a man-made ice rink in your hometown or even on your property. Kids and adults alike enjoy skating and you can pick up a pair of skates at your local store, second hand shop, or online without spending a whole lot of money. Get out there and hit the ice (with your skates, not your backside)

Go Cross Country Skiing

Do you want to stay in shape this winter? You can’t do much better than to go cross country skiing. Whether you skate-ski or ski in the traditional form, cross country skiing burns a ton of calories and is a great cardiovascular workout. Your new winter gym is the nature trail. Enjoy.

Go Sledding

Sledding is a blast and it is one of the easiest of winter activities to enjoy since there are hills almost everywhere. Get a sled for everyone in your family and head out to the nearest sledding hill this winter. You’ll get a great workout walking back up the hills while you’re at it.

Learn To Curl

I don’t mean at the gym. I’m talking about the winter sport where you roll stones on the ice to a target like shuffleboard. If you have a frozen sheet of ice you can make up your own curling game, but if you have a local curling club you can make a league out of it. That may be inside, but we’ll accept it since it’s a winter sport.

Go Snowshoeing

This is sort of a new sport in its popularity, but snowshoeing is a blast and well suited for the nature lover. With snowshoes you can take a hike through the woods in even the deepest snow and enjoy nature without the same crowds that you might see in the summer. Nature awaits you.

Go Ice Fishing

If you have never had the opportunity you should really try this. There is something so cool about fishing on a sheet of ice and pulling a big walleye out of the lake. This is a great social activity that you can enjoy with friends or family. An ice fishing house is not required but is a lifesaver on a windy day.

Go Snowmobiling

Up north snowmobiling is a way of life, and if you have not tried it you are in for a treat. Thrill seekers or those who prefer to cruise will both find something to offer in a snowmobiling expedition. Check around to see if you can rent the machines for a day. You won’t forget it.

Build a Snow Fort

It doesn’t matter if you do it the old-fashioned way by rolling the snow or if you use snow molds to make perfect bricks. Building a really neat snow fort is a lot of fun and will pass what otherwise could have been a boring lazy afternoon. It’s a great activity for families.

Go Geocaching

Lots of people go geocaching all summer but then stop over the winter. Since many caches are winter friendly you can keep caching all winter long. Grab the GPS and head out into nature to find a few caches on a winter weekend. You will get a great hike and may even trade some SWAG.

Build a Snowman

No list of winter activities would be complete without the classic building of a snowman. You can go traditional with coal, a pipe, and carrots, or get real creative with your own decorations. How about a snowman in your favorite football jersey or dressed for the holidays. If the weather cooperates, a snowman can last for weeks.

Time to Pick One

There you have it – ten fun things that you can do throughout the winter instead of sitting inside and waiting for next summer. Make the most of your winter this year.