10 keys and tips to increase website traffic for our website

Every day more companies are looking to develop trade strategies shaft Internet. But with millions of websites already exist and continue to be created, how to get customers to see ours?

A business strategy to increase traffic to our website can not forget the following points to earn the click of the navigator:

  • Being first in the major search engines

Being first to the queries related to our product assure us a great deal of potential customers. When thinking of keywords that will define our site and you want to lead, ask ourselves: what is our potential clients want? What words could we find?

Being at the top requires hard work positioning. For page optimization is recommended to use keywords in the page title, use title and meta tags different for each page, bind the pages of our site internally, and it is advisable to include a site map, the search engine that facilitates the step through the different sections of the site in an orderly manner.

It is desirable to limit the content in Flash, frames or JavaScript, because such content is not indexable by search engine robots, because to them it is a flat space which can not navigate.

  • Sponsored Links

To achieve a prominent position immediately, because natural positioning takes time, major search engines have an advertising service pay system that provides multiple functionalities to run effective online campaigns.
They use the system of ‘Pay Per Click’ (PPC), ie, we’ll just pay for the ad if a surfer clicks on it, we can set a cap per day and set hours, regions or countries where the ad should appear . So, it is best to know the traffic patterns of our potential customers to avoid paying for clicks that are not sailors profile sought.

It is important to control our cost of advertising and the effectiveness achieved in each space where we advertise, verifying the number of exposures in our ads, the number of clicks on each, and total sales.

  • Attractive and indexable content for search engines

When designing and generating content for a Web page, it should work always thinking that is interesting and accessible to users, but also relevant and indexable by search engines as the only way to achieve good and drive traffic list.

With regard to content, the wording should be attractive, so to help boaters stay and return to the site. This is very important novelty of content. The more often search engines index websites that are continually updated, so if you keep quality content and an acceptable update, climbing in the search engines will be faster.

In preparing the content, it is essential to use words are widely sought by our target audience. For this, we can help tool keyword suggestions provided by Google Adwords, which allows to know the volume of searches for each word.

Through this tool, you may discover that some words which we considered important, are not highly sought after and well, we can replace them, to increase our visibility.

It is therefore imperative to appeal to the knowledge of widespread use of terms, and think about how people look for, what words describe what you need, what they look for, what words we could find, and so raise the keys based on these parameters.

  • Reciprocal Links and Linkbuilding

Some sites offer the ability to place a link to our website in exchange for putting a link to the page of them and this can be a good way to increase visibility, provided that the exchange is made with a quality site and relevant for our industry. If we get a relevant site place a link to us, we will improve our image and climb search engine rankings in the searches.

  • Landing Page

We must ensure that the section where potential customers access through search engines is clear, since several studies indicate that a boater only spends a couple of seconds at each visit, if not quickly find what you want, it will fly off the page.
For this reason we define the primary information that must have a navigator for the page to meet your expectations, with clear organization and a simple argumentation and secondary information can be accessed simply by hyperlinks.
If that basic communication is interested visitors, will dedicate a few more minutes and come with a hyperlink to the area where more detailed information is available.

  • Viral Marketing: spread your brand exponentially

It basically consists of getting users to transmit to each other a certain message about my product or service, using the facilities offered by the Web. And that message is so well accepted that people begin to transmit it, similar to how viruses spread.

To do this, create a message that is compelling enough to spread easily and that is also related to the brand involved explicitly or implicitly. Most viral marketing programs given away products or services to attract attention, such as screen savers, software somewhere that contains the image of the brand, etc..

  • Make comments on other blogs

Blogging involves participating in conversations, build relationships with other members of the blogosphere and make useful comments, in order to attract traffic to the company blog. For that you need to research related to the theme of the company to participate giving reviews blogs.

  • Using video as a marketing tool

Youtube is the second largest search engine, and is currently the most widely used video sharing. Although not the only one of its type, the presence of the company in it, greatly increases the contact points.

  • Twitter and Linkedin

Twitter, the micro-blogging platform that allows you to post messages up to 140 characters, is a good tool for networking with colleagues, customers, industry members and instant communication with (new and potential) contacts, and lets spread an idea , ask for opinions, share links, promote products and services to a defined audience, publicize the content of blogs, etc..

On the side of Linkedin, it is a great source of B2B exchange. In it you can find all kinds of classified interest, professions, the company to which they belong, instead of studies, etc. groups., And can send them commercial proposals and company information

  • Facebook

It is a powerful tool to build relationships, to increase the visibility of brands and target specific market niches. Its usefulness is that each company can create their corporate site with information on activities, events, news from your industry and comment on their products, in a place that allows interaction with the public, allowing engage with potential customers beyond purely commercial and from there send traffic to their official website.

Companies can add videos, blogs, applications with other systems, send messages to fans, create discussion forums with potential to test new products and anticipate consumer trends, these being just some of the advantages of being present.

In turn, it also improves the positioning in the major search engines, since public profiles are indexed by the same, increasing the company’s visibility on the Internet.

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