News 10 Reasons Why People Fight For Equality

10 Reasons Why People Fight For Equality


Equality is a concept and it simply means to share in the same size, measure and weight, Since Cain killed his brother Abel, human beings have been driven by greed and after their generation, the battle for equality has been driven by the same force.Inequality existed long time ago in all aspects between husband and wives, rich and poor, black and white. In modern societies, business practices are backward when it comes to equal opportunities in the work-place. In terms of payment, women are generally paid less for same jobs with men.

Equality is a valued relationship and it’s the foundation of egalitarianism. Egalitarianism is the foundation of social justice which leads to happiness. It’s the bedrock of human civility. However, in a perfect world, equality among human beings is a constructed assumption. In an imperfect world humans aren’t equal because we’re different in size,weight, height, intellect and age.

Why must we fight for equality?

  • There’re some people who choose oppression over understanding, love and compassion and because they exist, some people will have to fight for equality.
  • Fighting for equality is the only way to free yourself from those who want to enslave, control ,dictate to you and your way of life. There’re those who will feel better and superior about themselves. The truth is, nobody is meant to be inferior compared to others. We are all created by GOD and when we die, we all go to zero level. The same worms eats our body so why do we have to treat ourselves unfairly.
  • Equality comes with a huge responsibility to see right and wrong from all sides. People don’t understand where and on what thinking (logic) they form their opinions. People rarely have pure hearts and pure motivations and not all are good, fair and compassionate. The reality is humans aren’t always as good as we think they are ‘supposed’ to be.
  • Some human beings are evil and because they’re possessed with prejudice and greed inequality exists.The sinful hearts of men contributes to the problem.
  • What about our upbringing? Some families teach the right values between people while others don’t.Some families teach and plant hostile thoughts in the minds of their children.We’re all alike as humans we should teach and convey positive messages into the minds of our children and future generation.
  • Separation of classes into first class and second class citizens is a problem because some believe that society will be in order when you have separation.
  • Throughout history, the wealth of certain people has been based on the exploitation of others. We live in a world of inequality therefore people have to fight for their rights and equality. Some people are richer, some are more powerful and some are more snobbish. People with greater control of resources like land and money dominate others, and so the weak and subjugated are forced to fight for their rights. So when people fight to improve their conditions, it threatens the wealth and status quo of those who are better off.
  • When some humans treat co-humans worse than animals then the sensible and enlightened ones can’t stay mute but ignite the fire of equality in the masses. When the notions of discrimination on the basis of one’s color, race,creed,caste,country,social status,religion exists and remains in the human psyche and conduct of any streak of society, people will continue to fight for equality.
  • When the most popular group don’t get their way, others suffer for it. We live in a very self-centered type of societies and all these spark up the fight against inequality.
  • The practice and existence of inequality is another cause. When people can’t express and assert their rights individually. When they’re constrained to express their beliefs, then the subjugated will fight for equality.

We are born into families that are either rich or poor. Some have high status in the community and others have to fight for it. In reality we aren’t born equal but there should be equal footing once we are born. Sadly that isn’t the case. Inequality is perpetrated by ego and the last solution for this evil is the revolution in the mind

 10 Reasons Why People Fight For Equality
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