10 Steps To Speed Up Your Computer

Want to speed up your computer using quick solutions? Your 6 year old computer may not be what is what before, but even if you don’t plan on upgrading to a new one (Even though the wife begs you) – you can still fix it. These slow computer solutions offer relief of ‘crawling websites’ or random freezing. While it’s a good idea to scan for viruses every two days, you should take your time to defrag twice a month. Taking time out of your day to do things like this can really help speed your computer up, reducing loading time.

Solutions to Speed up Your Computer

Download CCleaner. This is basically a freeware PC optimization tool. It cleans any unused temporary internet files. Also has a registry cleaner which allows Windows to run faster. Works on Firefox, Opera, IE, Google Chrome, Recycle Bin and much more.

Go into your Services Manager and turn off the devices you no longer use, or the ones that are used rarely.

Navigate to your ‘Start Menu’. Click on ‘Control Panel’, then on to ‘Add or Remove Programs’. Search by date for any programs you haven’t used in two months. Delete those.

Every few weeks, go to the Windows start up file with the msconfig utility. To do this, go into Start, Run then type ‘msconfig’. You can choose which services you want to start using the tabs located above.

To speed up your computer, make sure you have a copy of Norton Anti Virus available. You’ll want an effective program. Often, freeware won’t do the full job so be careful.

Look in your current folders, going to C:windowsprefetch. Empty all contents within that folder to speed your computer up.

Slow computer solutions should be checked with any new hard drive, memory, or CPU upgrades.
Change the file size of your virtual memory for files. It should be set to 1/2 of the amount of RAM installed in your computer. For 2 gigs, turn the paging file off. You might not know how to do this so go to ‘My Computer’, and click ‘Properties’ – ‘Advanced’. Set your file size here.

Twice a month, always run system disk defrag, cleanup, or maintenance.

To speed up your computer, clear your Temporary Internet Files. This task is very simple – just go to your Tools. Choose options to empty files & delete cookies.