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10 Tips for Beautiful Wedding Flowers For The Budget Savvy Bride


You are surely looking forward to have the best wedding day in your life which has to be full in all terms from decoration to music, to food and drink. When it comes to decoration there is nothing that could beat the charisma of flowers, which could bring life to any event with its wonderful fragrance, colors, beauty and vibrant characteristics. It is the dream of any bride and groom that the guests will remember their wedding ceremony for a long time. 10 Tips for Beautiful Wedding Flowers For The Budget Savvy BrideFlowers bring about instant peace of mind and it is very pleasing to the eyes. While in the case of other decoration, the guests may leave as soon as they wish the couple all the best for their future, however, when you have flowers as the central theme of the whole decoration the case might be vice-versa. The guests may be looking forward to have a great time in the pleasant environment, surrounded by the beauty of the nature.

Here are ten tips on how to get beautiful wedding flowers without blowing your budget.

Think Of How The Flowers Are Important To You: Before beginning to spend on flowers, you need to think that how much importance will flowers hold in the decoration. If your main aim is to serve the best food and drink, the key will be to spend less on flowers. However, if you want to create a memorable reception space, you will have to spend more. You could consider setting aside about 8%-10% of your total budget to flowers.

Work Out On The Options With Your Florist: You could select a florist who would be willing to work on your budget and deliver as per your requirements. You might have to compromise with the type of flowers or the kind of specific arrangements according to your budget. However, a good florist will always be able to give your stunning results for your given budget.

Seasonal Flowers: You could ask for seasonal or locally grown flowers that cost less than the exotic varieties from various countries. If you select some large blooms that are surrounded by lots of greenery, they would look amazing and enable you to use less of flowers and less of foliage.

Recycle: You could put the church flowers to use again at the reception venue. If there is another wedding at the same day in the church, you could consider sharing the cost of the flowers at the entrance.

Be Wise While Spending On Flowers: You could hold back on large and extravagant arrangements like the floral archways that would only be seen briefly. You could spend money on durable arrangements that could be enjoyed for a longer period of time for example the table centres.

 10 Tips for Beautiful Wedding Flowers For The Budget Savvy BrideBig Isn’t Always Better: It is not necessary to use masses of blooms for the table centres. If you want a romantic glow, you could use the pillar candles in hurricane lamps that is surrounded by rose petals.

Avoid Complicated Designs: Time is money. A complex wired shower bouquet will prove to be an expensive selection as compared to a hand-tied bouquet.

Bridesmaid Flowers: Instead of bouquets, you could consider giving a single flower to the bridesmaid to create a statement. Or she could opt for a striking wrist corsage or some flowers to wear in the hair.

Conclusion: So, these are some of the tips you need to consider if you are a flower-fan but want to ensure that you get the best of floral arrangement by sticking to your budget.

Author Bio: Ryan is a professional blogger and has good experience of using wedding flowers services. Here, he is sharing some of the best tips to surprise your girl with exclusive floral delivery services.

 10 Tips for Beautiful Wedding Flowers For The Budget Savvy Bride
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