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10 Tips For Opening Inground Pool For The Summer

With the weather continuing to grow warmer, many homeowners are beginning to prepare their inground pools for the coming summer. If you properly closed your swimming pool at the beginning of the last winter, you should find that it is quite easy to reopen it for the season ahead.

1. Check the chemicals
The very first thing you should do is take an inventory of the chemicals you have on hand, as this will provide you with a good idea of which ones you need to purchase. Make sure that expired or incompletely sealed chemicals are disposed of and replaced.

2. Clean the deck
The next thing you should do is give the surrounding deck a thorough clean to prevent debris from being swept into the inground pool. Then, clear debris (such as leaves) from the top of the cover and use a pump to remove as much standing water as possible.

3. Remove the cover
Once the cover is clean, you can carefully remove it and lay it out in an open area. Sweep away any remaining debris and use a mild detergent to give it a quick clean. Leave the cover to air dry completely before rolling or folding it up to prevent deterioration in storage.

4. Inspect the pool
If you have a concrete or fiberglass swimming pool, look for cracks in the waterline tile, chips in the plaster and depressions in the decking or coping. Whilst you can undertake minor repairs yourself, more serious ones will require professional attention.

5. Remove the plugs
Now you can begin removing the expansion or freeze plugs from the water inlets. If you winterised the equipment with antifreeze, you will need to drain the pool until the water is just below the inlets. Then, remove the plugs and drain into a bucket.

6. Reinstall skimmer
If you used a winter plate on the skimmer box, it is time to remove it and reinstall the skimmer. Make sure you hook up any hoses and return jets that lead to the pump and filter. You should also make sure that all the fittings are clean and fit tightly to avoid leaks.

7. Reconnect equipment
It’s time to reconnect the filter, pump (if you removed it) and heater (if you have one), however, you should inspect the equipment first for signs of wear or rust. If anything needs to be repaired or replaced, make sure you do it now to ensure the integrity of the pool.

8. Fill with water
Using your garden hose, fill the swimming pool until the water level reaches midpoint on the waterline tile or the middle of the skimmer. This is also a good time to skim out debris (such as leaves) and to reattach other equipment (such as ladders).

9. Start filtration
Following the manufacturer’s instructions, start the pump and filter system. Look for leaks, split hoses and cracks. Once you are sure everything is working properly, hook up the vacuum and give the entire inground pool a sweep to ensure it is clean.

10. Test the water
You will need to leave the water to circulate for around 24 to 48 hours so that the new and old water can mix. When testing the water chemistry, ensure that you follow the instructions provided on the kit. It is actually recommended that you take a sample to a professional.

We hope that you find the above tips useful in opening your inground pool for the long summer ahead. Just make sure that you allow plenty of time to properly open the pool, as it might take a while to balance all of the chemicals and give the area a thorough clean.

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