10 tips for your hair

If there are thousands of different looks possible unless permanently bald, hair is an essential element. Too many men neglect. Maintenance in shaping without forgetting the washing, here are ten tips for beautiful hair épatteront the gallery!

1. Watch your diet
When the body is tired and neglected, the first cells to suffer are those with rapid turnover – the skin and hair. But the beauty of the hair also comes from the inside, hence the importance of a balanced diet. The right diet for your mane to bring you daily five food components that are essential:
protein + sulfur + iron + zinc + vitamin B.

Program of beautiful hair happy: the egg yolk and the lenses are two products that stand out in the normal diet. However, put the soft pedal on meats (except ham), fast food, cooked fats, pastries, white sugar, white bread and also alcohol …

2. Stop the stress!
He is the capillary enemy No. 1. When it occurs, it triggers at the scalp, a series of reactions such as compression of blood vessels, reduced irrigation roots, stimulation of androgen hormones … Ultimately, these reactions lead to the refinement and fall premature hair. If you can not dominate your daily tensions nervously, making a cure magnesium makes you more zen.

3. Stop smoking
Among other nuisances, tobacco decreases the elasticity of blood vessels, particularly numerous and narrow at the scalp. It can significantly reduce the blood flow to the roots of your hair. For your mane, limit your daily intake up to 6 or 7 cigarettes.

4. Play sports
The sports is good for your hair, it helps the body eliminate toxins through sweat and sebum. But some precautions: the sweat does not stay on the scalp because it could destabilize its pH must therefore systematically … rinse or wash her hair with gentle products.

5. Train your hair Well, yes! Like all other parts of the body, the scalp needs a little exercise to stimulate blood circulation and promote root activity. The movement is to dry hair and the head assembly in the direction of blood flow. Attention, the principle is to drag the skin of the scalp (not fingers) on the skull.

6. Do not save on the price of shampoo
It is not the number of shampoos that counts, but the quality and softness of the product. The choice of the washing base is based on the appearance of hair (fat, thin, dry, …) but also the condition of the scalp (normal, dry, dandruff …). Avoid shampoos and flee into two products body and hair, your hair needs a much more specific.

7. Each bath, do not do that
The first dish, second scours.

8. Rinse completely
Even if you wash your hair every day, even if you’re in a hurry, a prolonged rinsing is key to healthy hair. Without him, the hair remains dull, scalp and hair are more vulnerable to air pollution; finish with a jet of cold water to tighten the cuticle.

9. Do not shampoo too
Wash your hair when they are dirty, this is the only rule!

10. Reject the ideas
Cut a short hair does grow faster no … Yeah, it is only through the root that grows!