10 Top Tips For Using Custom Printed Bags To Promote Your Brand

If you have decided that custom printed bags are the perfect way to promote your bag, you might have run out and placed an order before you really thought about how you were going to use them. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can put these items to use – we have outlined 10 of our favourites here, all of which are sure to get you noticed!

  1. Gift with Purchase
    One of the most common ways to incorporate these bags is by giving them out as a free gift whenever someone makes a large purchase (over $300, for example) or for someone who makes frequent purchases.
  2. Charity/Goodwill
    Why not help someone else out by selling or giving away bags that have been co-branded with the message of a local charity or an organisation that is close to your heart (such as cancer research).
  3. Complimentary Products
    Some things go together naturally, like milk and cookies. You could find a company that shares your customer base and cross promote with them. If you make clothes, for example, find someone who makes shoes.
  4. Cooperative Advertising
    You will often find that companies who sell in the same channels will often partner together to create a promotional item. Bags are a great choice, as you can each have a side on which to brand.
  5. Trade Shows & Events
    Why not increase your visibility at trade shows, festivals and other events by handing these items out to passersby? This will also ensure that you’re remembered long after the event is finished.
  6. Resale
    You could simply add a line of custom printed bags to your retail establishment. Just ensure that you sell them at a fair profit margin – don’t ask $10 if they only cost you $1 each, as the quality will reflect this.
  7. Employee Gifts
    You can boost morale amongst your employees by providing your employees with these items. Perhaps they get given to new employees, with gifts for the holidays or are just available when needed.
  8. Publicity
    If you have branded your bags for a good cause or they are made using green materials, you could generate some media attention by scheduling a large scale giveaway. The media loves these sorts of events.
  9. New Product Launch
    If you’re adding a new product to your repertoire, you could increase the excitement surrounding it by packaging it with a free bag. You could also hand them out to attendees if you have an official launch party.
  10. Event Sponsorship
    Finally, find an event that much of your target audience are likely to attend and offer to donate reusable bags in exchange for sponsorship benefits. Event hosts are often more than happy to make an exchange.

We hope that you found the above tips useful in determining how to use custom printed bags to promote your brand. And, if you’ve ordered a whole bunch, why not use them in two or three of the ways we’ve outlined above? The great thing about using bags in your branding is that they are incredibly versatile and can be used in so many different applications.