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10 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Australia!

Are you ready to find out shocking facts together?

This “huge island” has many interesting secrets which are waiting for you. Except the Great Barrier Reef which can be called one of the seven natural wonders of the planet and dangerous “dropbears” which attack foreigners, or the oldest Bradshaws paintings, Australia has much more!
So, it is time to start our investigation!

1. Can you believe or just imagine that someone earns money not per months or days but per seconds? That person is real, and her name is Gina Rinehart from Australia. $598 per second and $1 million every half hour is a common amount for her. Now she is the 4th richest woman in the whole planet.

2. 3.4 billion year old fossil was found in Western Australia by geologist Martin Brasier. This amazing founding is the best proof for the nature of Earth’s earliest life.

3. 5,614 km fence was being built during 100 years to protect sheep and other animals from dangerous dingo–dogs. It has near 180cm in height and is considered to be the longest on the globe.

4. Australia has 10,000 sandy beaches and 50000 km of splendid coastline, to visit all those beaches, at least one per day, will take you near 27 years.

5. The Box jellyfish killed more people in Australia than stonefish, sharks and crocodiles altogether. It is also called Chironex fleckeri which can have tentacles up to 3 m in length. As far as Box jellyfish are transparent and pale blue, they are almost invisible in the water. That’s why many people did not know who was that thing or creature who caused so much pain and even death. So be very attentive while swimming!

6. Do you know what place has such clean air that it can be even inconvenient to breathe it in for the first time? Tasmania has the purest air on the whole planet!

7. You can be surprised but there were two different names for the oldest hunting tool of Aborigines, and that was boomerang.
Kylie was the boomerang, which did not return and could fly up to 200m, and another type was a returning one.

8. The wine cask was invented by Tom Angove in 1965, Australia. He experimented during 2 years. The cardboard container was in the form of cube and became very economical and of a good quality.

9. A man from Brisbane tried to sell the whole country – New Zealand – through Internet. The starting price was 1 cent. 22 people made a bit. The price raise up to 3 000 $. Of course, it was a joke, but some people believed in it!

10. Westfield Knox shopping center is famous for an exclusive method used by police to dispel teenagers from petty crimes. That method is – classical music! Teens hate that kind of music, so that will not allow them to gather, and the number of crimes is simply reduced.

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Explore exciting secrets of Australia with comfort!

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