10 Vital Programs That You Should Keep Ready on a USB

USB memory sticks have become so cheap today that even at the low price of just $20 you can get a USB of 64GB. So now you can keep the collection of your important data in your memory stick so that you can carry those along to everywhere. But if you are using the USB just to save your some officially required documents, or some of your very favorite music files or pictures, then you are making smart use of the USB sticks.

Listed below are some of the much augmented apps that you must store on your USB to enhance your computing experience even while you are on go:

Portable versions of Browsers

Any day you may get into the need of using the computer of someone else, and definitely you won’t be leaving behind your browsing history. And most importantly, you will need your favorite add-ons and extensions, which you can’t get while using a browser in a different computer. But now Chrome and Firefox have their portable versions, which you can easily carry on your USB. You can feed these portable versions with your favorite extensions and add-ons such as NoScript, Xmarks and Lastpass. Also, you can sync all your bookmarks, securely access your Internet site passwords and block malicious programs and websites.


KeyPass is a free password manager, where you can store all your passwords and can secure it with a single master key. You can feed KeyPass with all kind of passwords like that of your bank accounts, debit and credit card pins, email server connection details and every other password you have.


7-Zip is a very needful app that you should keep stored on your USB stick and must carry along because it can open most of the compressed archive formats such as CAB, ISO ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR and ARJ.

Portable Office-Suite

Google Docs, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Cloud are great applications that allow you to access your important files anytime and anywhere. But what if you don’t have internet connection? For such critical situation, you must carry the portable LibreOffice and OpenOffice in your USB stick. These are full-featured suites with very good office compatibility. These are open source hence have no expensive upgrade fees. LibreOffice can open complicated spreadsheets and almost all types of Microsoft Office documents.


A photo editing tool is a must app that you should have at your closet reach; you never know when you may get a good click and feel like uploading it in Instagram, Twitter or Facebook after doing some photo editing. GIMPA is a powerful open-source image editor that can help you in performing all types of photo editing like cropping, color correcting, masking and resizing.

VLC Player

With your USB having so much of space, you can definitely carry along a huge collection of video files and movies on your USB. But what if the computer you are going to use doesn’t have a media player. So carry along the VLC media player in your memory stick.


The last resort to retrieve the once deleted file is the Windows Recycle Bin. But it’s not foolproof. So, what you can do to recover the deleted data? Recuva is there to help you out, which can recover image, deleted email, document files and restore unsaved Word Doc crashes.


You employ efforts to keep your computer virus-free so that your files don’t get corrupted or damaged. But how you can assure that others computer, which you may require using in emergency will be equally virus protected? Of course not, so don’t take the risk and carry along your own digital virus scanner ClamWin, which is an open-source virus scanner. Having ClamWin in your USB, you can always keep your files protected, even if you open them in a computer at a cybercafé.


SpyBot is another effective anti-virus program that takes time but capable of finding out spyware or other malicious software. So, just roll out Spybot in the system you are using and make it all clear before you do anything sensitive, such as Internet Banking.


FreeOTFE is an encryption tool that will enable you to encrypt and decrypt files in your USB stick. Having this app is important as it will keep the data in your USB safe even if you lose it.
So, quickly download these very useful apps and feed these in your USB, so that you have these at your access anytime and anywhere.

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