10 Watt Halogen 12 Volt Bulbs – Electricity Saving Tips In The Home

10 watt halogen 12 volt bulbs

A 10 watt halogen 12 volt bulb is the cheap, mysterious and top favorite choice for any visionary for using it in front yard. The average price of a halogen 12 volt bulb is 1.50 to 3.50 USD. These kinds of bulbs output 140 lumens of light. As the used energy is only 10 watt, so it is a good option of energy saving application. The general size of a halogen bulb is about 2 inch where the base situated in 4 mm spacing. The actual color temperature in kelvin is 2800 K. The most important fact is actual life of this kind of bulb is about 2000 hours. It is famous for using in outdoor and delivers a warm white color. Commercial and residential both types of benefit can be achieved from this kind of bulb.

What is A 10 watt halogen 12 volt bulb?

From the name of the halogen light bulb or lamp it is understandable that, this is a type of incandescent lamp and it uses a halogen gas. The use of halogen gas enhances both light output and rated life. These are known for moderately extraordinary high efficiency, and good quality of light. Also it is rated as high compared to regular incandescent lamps in case of lifetime characteristic.

History of halogen bulb:

If we take a look at the history of halogen bulb, then we can understand that the timeline is parallel of the incandescent. It was 1882, when the use of chlorine to prevent blackening was invented. And at this time the lamp was patented. Similarly, the use of iodine was patent in 1933. Finally, General Electric patented a commercially workable halogen lamp which uses iodine as the halogen gas.

Working principal of halogen bulb:

Halogen bulbs also maintain the same working principle like an incandescent bulb .But the only significant exception they have in the halogen cycle. In the general incandescent bulb, the tungsten slowly evaporates from the burning filament .This results blackening of the lamp, which decreases the light output and reduces the life of the lamp. So, halogen bulbs are able to exclude this problem because of, halogen gas reacts chemically with the evaporated tungsten. And it prevents halogen from affixing to the glass. It may happen that some tungsten returned to the filament and serve to increase the rated lifetime of the lamp. As the temperature needed for this action is larger than the general incandescent bulb, so the halogen lamp usually manufactured from quartz.

With an aim to match the rate of tungsten vaporization at the desired voltage the halogen lamp are manufactured. With an increase of applied voltage, an increase in the rate of evaporation occurs. As a result it may occur that sometimes there may be insufficient halogen present in the lamp and the lamp becomes black. So, over voltage operation is not recommended. On the other hand if the applied voltage is less, the lamp undergoes abnormal failure due to extra halogen. Another drawback of low voltage is the bulb temperature may be too small and insufficient to support the halogen cycle. But within this time the evaporation rate is too small for the bulb to move to blackening situation perfectly. So, ultimately failure of the bulb. Sometimes, the bulb can dim successfully for many reasons. Lamp construction, halogen addiction are normally reason for that.


Tungsten-halogen lamps are frequently used as a near-infrared light source in Infrared spectroscopy.

Times Square Ball from 1999 to 2006 used halogen bulbs for the attraction. However, from 2007 onwards, the halogen lamps were replaced with LED lights. Halogen lamps are used in variety of applications. They cover both commercial and residential needs. One basic use in the automobiles. Automotive headlamps are very useful and easy application of halogen lamp. Similarly, floodlights made from halogen is used for outdoor lighting systems as well as for watercraft .This is a very mind –blowing and eye-chanting recreational use of halogen light .In addition ,under- cabinet lighting for dressing table use or desktop lamps and work lamps are also remarkable.

In addition, for directed lighting such as spotlights and floodlights halogen reflectors like MR and PAR lamps are often preferred. These are more efficient use as a good alternative to incandescent light.

So, if you want to make your garden and lawns views a perfect one for attracting the neighbors and own mental peace then using halogen lamp is very helpful. Using halogen lamp in garden will make a remarkable and successful impression of you to your locality. The nice landscape view created by using halogen lamp also makes you safe from the thieves.

Handling precautions

This blown bulb that had survived at least hundreds of hours of use, shows localized blackening, reflecting sudden heating in a narrow zone, producing a narrow jet of volatilized metal, overwhelming the corrective capacity of the halogen.

A localized blackening results sometimes from the bulb which had survived at least hundreds of hours of use. Also heat felt in the narrow zone also. When the bulb is heated, any surface contamination significantly, oil from human fingerprints can damage the quartz envelope. Suppose the bulb is turned on, contaminants may create a hot spot on the bulb surface also. The extreme localized heat causes the quartz to become weaker from its vitreous state. In this crystalline state, it may causes to leak gas which also may cause the bulb to rapidly form a bubble. Finally it occurs that the bulb weakens and sometimes causes an explosion. Proper safety handling is necessary because of that. So, manufacture sometimes recommends handling and touching the clear quartz either by using clear quartz or either by using a clean paper towel with carefully holding the base. Cleaning the quartz may also be done by using alcohol .But in that case drying is necessary before the further use.

As the heat is concentrated on a smaller envelope surface, halogen lamps get hotter than regular incandescent lamps .Also because of the surface is closer to the filament heat is created. Normally, this halogen bulbs work at high temperature. So, safety and precaution is essential when a 10 watt halogen 12 volt bulb is handled.