10 Ways to Lower the Cost of Replacing Windows

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Cutting the cost of replacing windows is a crucial step you can take to reduce payments, get better quality windows and help your cash flow. If you have looked at all the options for your home and feel you do still need to replace leaking, drafty windows, here are some tips that will help keep your house windows costs to a minimum.

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Replacing windows costs a lot of money and is a major financial commitment. Benefits of replacement windows are reduced maintenance, improved light in the rooms and improved aesthetics outside. Deciding to purchase and install new windows may save on fuel and heating costs, but the cost of new windows can take years to recoup in energy savings.

10 Ways to Cut the Cost of Replacing Windows

1. Get a home-energy audit. You may balk at paying $250 to $600, but you will find out if you need replacement windows or if there are less expensive alternatives. Having an energy audit may be a requirement for receiving tax credits offsetting the cost of replacing windows.

2. Get many exact cost comparisons with details like window manufacturer, window models and glass type, internal fill, frame details and other factors that apply to your home. Use the Internet to save money and time. Online free cost estimator tools allow you to easily compare different providers. Just contacting a couple of companies is not enough to cut the cost of home windows.

3. Get just the windows you need. Going over-budget can cost years of extra payments. A helpful contractor will work with you to choose the best windows for your budget. Sometimes replacement storm windows are a better option as energy savings are comparable and new storm windows are much cheaper.

4. Standard sized windows are less expensive than custom sized and appointed windows. Upgrades like custom frame colors, hardware finishes, glass, blinds, shades or premium screens will add to the cost significantly. They will not keep the drafts out any better than the right stock windows.

5. See if the company that made your present windows has identical sized upgraded windows that fit the existing openings, this will reduce the installation cost of new windows.

6. If looking at cheaper PVC or vinyl replacement windows, check the frame color, insulation and crosses section compartments. PVC tinted blue white buys an unscrupulous seller more time before the substandard PVC yellow in the sunlight. The cross-section of the frame will show how many compartments (more the better and foam-filled of possible) for insulating and supporting the glass pane.

7. Think twice about installing your windows yourself as mistakes can be made that add a lot to the house windows cost especially when the openings are mis-measured or incorrectly supported. You may be paying for construction, drywall, siding, framing and trim to make things right. Paying for expert installation may mean lower quality windows can perform better if installed well.

8. Look into Federal tax and utility company rebates to cut your price of house windows. Tax incentives change over time, so check your options with your State, Provincial or Federal governments before ordering new windows. Qualified Energy Auditors can give guidance on inventive programs and may have to submit your application. You can also ask any potential installers or window dealers.

9. Get the lowest interest rate if borrowing. If it takes a few days to secure a line of credit with the bank at a lower interest rate than the window dealer financing, take that time. It may save ears of payments as reduces the financing cost of new windows.

10. Simply ask for a better price. Remember this is a lot of money, the dealers want your business.

Now you are seriously considering replacement windows, start researching online. Get those quotes coming in so you can choose in the comfort of your own home. I sincerely hope this reduces the cost of replacing windows.

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10 Ways to Lower the Cost of Replacing Windows, Seekyt
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