10 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance

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Many people are looking to find a way to lower auto insurance premiums. Depending on several factors, your car insurance may be taking quite a bite out of your monthly budget. Here are 10 ways that you can lower the cost of car insurance.

Stop Insuring Your Car

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Of course that doesn’t mean entirely, but if you have an old car that is not really worth that much you can save money by ending the insurance on the car itself. Just don’t remove the required liability insurance. That is not an option.

Buy More Insurance

That sounds strange doesn’t it? Perhaps it is more accurate to say consolidate insurance. If you have multiple insurance policies with one company, often your rates will go down, so consolidate your home and auto insurance at a single company and see what happens to the rates.

Drive Less

If you have the option, drive less. You’ll not only save plenty of money in gas but you will also be able to tell your agent your new annual mileage. If it brings you down into a lower mileage class, your rates will go down.

Increase Your Deductible

Lots of people who don’t pay attention get a deductible that is too low, which increases rates. That’s good for the insurance company but not so good for you. If you can afford it, increase your deductible and your premiums should go down.

Get Older

OK, you don’t have a lot of control over this but if you are less than 25 years old you have a birthday to look forward to. Your rates are likely to decrease when you reach the age of 25. And don’t get too old either, as this benefit will only last until you get older, since old drivers rates tend to go up.

Get A New Car

10 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance, Seekyt

Insurance rates depend not only on you but on your car. If you drive a huge truck or a hot rod your rates are almost certainly higher than if you drove a small or hybrid car that won’t do as much damage to another car in an accident and/or doesn’t go so fast.

Become a Woman

Obviously this is not a practical change but it is true that women generally pay lower rates than men. I’m just saying.

Get Married

Quit dating already and get married. Not only will you have made it official, your auto insurance rates will likely go down, since married people are generally safer drivers than singles.


If you need a little extra motivation to get a new or different house you may find that you save money on insurance. Your zip code is an important factor in determining your rates, so moving to a safer zip code (at least what the insurance company considers safer) your rates will go down.

Shop Around

When you are looking to buy auto insurance, don’t forget to shop around. The rates of different companies can vary greatly depending on all of the factors above. You may even find that the company you picked 10 years ago because they had the best rates is no longer the low cost provider for you today since your statistics have changed. Check at least 3 insurance companies before you make a decision.

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10 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance, Seekyt
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