100% College Tuition Refund Life Insurance

Life Insurance for college tuition

100% college tuition refund life insurance could help you recover some or all of the money you pay for your child’s college expenses. College tuition costs are soaring due to increased cost for colleges. Every year parents and students take on more and more debt to try to afford a college education. But what happens to that money when tragedy, like a fire or illness, strikes and the student passes away during the school year? Do you lose the money or does the school refund it?


How Much Could You Lose?

In most cases tuition is non-refundable after a certain amount of time. Fortunately, our children competed college but now the hard part is paying off student loans. We’re thankful that the girls got through school fine but what if they hadn’t. We could have lost tens of thousands of dollars in tuition cost because we didn’t have 100% college tuition refund life insurance. Are you in position to lose that kind of money if something happened to you or your child?


Accidents Happen

God forbid anything should happen to your child but accidents do happen. That’s why we have health and life insurance. So why not cover college expenses with 100% college tuition life insurance? 100% college tuition life insurance could help you get a refund for paid tuition. Depending on the school, you could recover tens of thousands of dollars if you have 100% college tuition refund life insurance.


Reasons to Collect

You can collect on 100% college tuition refund life insurance for a number of reasons, some of which are listed below. The cost of refund insurance is on a case-by-case basis and varies from one situation to the next. There are different levels of coverage depending on your needs and ability. So think very carefully about how much you have invested before you choose how much college tuition refund life insurance to buy.



Tuition and Fees Discounted Based On Residency
Tuition Fees
Out-of-State $33,842 $0
In-State $9,798 $0
 Source: www.collegefactual.com/colleges/…university-of-texas…/tuition-and-fees/

Recover up to 100% of covered tuition and fees due to:

  • Medically necessary withdrawal
  • Mental/nervous condition withdrawal
  • Death of the tuition payer
  • Death of the student



College Student Death Rate

“Backers said the prohibition on grain alcohol sales is a priority for college administrators eager to curb the sort of heavy drinking that causes more than 1,800 alcohol-related deaths of college students each year . . .”

About three-quarters or 1,300 of the deaths are related to motor-vehicle crashes; the rest are from non-traffic deaths, such as fires, falls, drownings and so forth.

Source: — Article in the Daily Targum, the Rutgers University newspaper, quoting a lawmaker, Nov. 10, 2014



Many young people go to college eager to be independent and to try to find their way in life. Things work out fine for most of them. Sure, they have problems from time to time. Some of which are more serious than others. But here’s the thing: you don’t know what the future holds. That’s why 100% college tuition refund life insurance could be worth investing in.